To save his family.

Davis sat in his room trying to block out the scream from the next room. His mom and his step dad were in another fight . He could hear his mother begging for his step farther to stop, and that she was sorry for not making him a beer.

He knew what his step dad was doing was wrong. His step dad told him if he steped up to him he would kill his mother, and he believed him because he was a ex-marine. He could hit you ten times in the same space with al his strenth amd not leave a bruise. As he was sitting there the house grew silent he heard the house go silent. Then he heard the screen door slam and he step dads truck drive off. davis ran to see what he had done to his mother this time. He saw he mother laying on the floor blood all over her sunday dress. He knew she needed to call 911 ,but he also knew what his step farther would do. so he grabbed his mother and dragged her to the stairs an grabbed the phone. when the medics got there they picked her up on a strechter and took her to the ambulance. Davis asked them if he could ride in the back with her they said “hurry up.” When they reached the hospital they carried his mother down a hall way. He would of went but a doctor stopped him. The doctor asked him if we should call anyone. Davis thought “If i dont call him he will hurt us both.” So davis said “Yeah my step dad you can reach him at 600-7268.” He whated for hours when a nurse came up to him and asked “Was that your mother that came in bleeding. ” Davis answered “Yes ma’m.” “well” she answered back ” shes fine but she has had a miscariage and she’ll be able to go home in the mourning.” Do you have any place to stay tonight” the nurse asked. Davis thought “i dont want to go home to him.” So he answered “no, can i stay with my mother in her room.” “yeah” she answered.
Late that night Davis thought “he killed his brother if he dont do something soon he will kill him and his mother.”
When they went home his step dad asked “what did you tell them what happened.” We answered “That she had fell down the stairs.” He then answered “good noe go get me a beer.” Davis’s mom spoke up ” the doctor said i had to stay off my feet for a well.” He then yelled ” you think geting me a beer is hard I’LL SHOW WHATS HARD.” He then hit davis’s mother across the face. davis then screamed “stop.” His step dad hit him in the face and it force him across the room. He then thought “thats it.” He ran down the hall way to the gun safe he pulled out the 12 gauge shot gun and ran back down the hall. where his step dad was busy hiting his mother. Davis then said “turn around you dickless fuck.” His step farther did turned around. Davis squeezed the trigger but it wouldnt bugg. it was on safty. His step dad began to scream ” you pull a gun out on me boy” “im going to kill you now.” Davis quickly messed around with the safty. His step farther was getting closer. He quickly pressed the safty off and squezzed the trigger. The bullets hit his step farthers face and blood flew everywhere. Davis stood there with the barrel smoking. His step farther lying in the middle of the floor with what was left of his head. His mother in the corner curled up with his step farthers blood all over her Whispering “what did you do Davis.”

By StAinEd PaNTs

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