today and Forever

I stare at myself in a broken mirror.Sitting alone,lost in a corner,my eyes cast to the floor,nothing else matters,The child in my Has died, My soul has faded, my Heart Has dissaperd.I am now his slave of Death and Destruction.

Shadows have crossed my face too many times.Fear Has Left it’s marks in your eyes.the pain remains in my heart,you can see it in my eyes.The Darkness surronds Me, Comforts me in it’s cold arms as it sings me the Beautifull song of lonieness.
Hope your not in my path,As destruction is certain,I can make you go away,Make you close the curtain,I sit and watch quietly,Like a bomb about to go off,Your best bet is to stay away,Or you could find yourself facing death,Begging for one last chance.As I look around I see a cage, My heart begins
To fill with rage, Theres no way out,I start to fall, No one to hear me shout, Or bang against the wall,My heart begins to race, I try to slow it down,I run Against the Walls, Trying to Get out, Trying to Get Free. Trying to get away from me. It builds,It rages inside,Waiting to come up,Waiting to explode.
I see you cry and I just wonder why,is it Cause Of me? I’m sorry I scared you, I’m sorry I fighted you, I’m Sorry I hit you, I’m sorry your 6 feet under Because of me, It wasn’t my falut, I was out of control, I was under His control, under his Demand, but it’s ok, Your not in pain any more, Unlike me, It’s ok, because life is full of Broken promises, and fallen Dreams.Behind THose Clouds,THat hide the sky Are only lies, THeres So many things I wish to say,so many ways i’ve tried to prayto a god that isn’t real, trying to release the pain that bulids up inside me, and burns me like an open flame. Your Tears Fell Liek Rain, Each one filled me With one more day of pain. I’m An angel, THat Can’t Sore or Fly, My broken Wings Are bleeding, leaveing a Trail for Others to find, Wheh they REach the End of that Bloody Trail, THey’ll Find me, THey’ll Find A fallen Angel, THey’ll find A soulless Body, A nameless Face, Empty Eyes, My body Coverd in scars, FRom battles Before, Am I just a Toy Of his? A toll Fer his Dirty work? I kill and Destroy Yet I feel the same, You look at me, With Eyes Full of Fear, of what I’ve become, You Try to Run, I don’t want you to leave, I chase you, Trying to Tell you How I fell, But When I get to you, I have nothing to Say, Because my emotions Are unknown, my feelings hide in side. with My Rage. Today I’m his Slave, to kill and Destroy, I Don’t Want to Hurt anymore, I don;t want to kill, I don’t Want to hurt You one more time, Chain me up, Like before, Cage me in, To keep me away, lock me up and Throw Away the Key, don’t Approach me When I’m Chained up, Caged in, locked up, Left in the Darkness Forgotten, If not forgotten, Abandoned, I’ll have nothing, As useal. Just Sweet Dreams, Of Soreing Across the Sky, running through the land, Being under the stars and the moon, felling Free, THat was the past, THose are only memories. I brake free, From my chains and my cage, Time For the show down, Angel Against all the odds, Angel Against the World, I can’t be beaten, I can’t be broken, I’m nothing but a wepaon and a Pretty face. Still the Truth remains, I’m his slave of Death and Desturction, Today and Forver.