Together at last

I’ve known him for 7 years, but year 2002 Was the Year I Began to Get close to him,

THat Year I began to be his Friend, I only saw him at night, we always went walking togther, Down roads and alleys, THe screams of dying people, was what we herd every night, it was music to our Ears, during the Night I was walking with him,

during the Day I was with my other friends, But I liked Jordan Best, I Was in love with him, one night he asked me to go his house and hang out, I thought, ok cool, where JUST going to hang out, so that night i went, We hung out in his room, played play staion 2, listined to Music and talked, it was fun and all, But When ever I had my back turned, I felt like he was breathing down my neck, so i never had my Back turned Long, then He got a call on his phone, i was playing PS2, then he hung up and Sat behind me, I could Feel his eyes Scaning my every move, I was watching him from the Corner of my eye, I could see him, Starring at me, I looked at him, Studied his fave, His eyes, they seemed so dark, his face, so pale, he gave a Little smile, His teeth, I tried to turn to Face him, But he grabbed my arms as I tried to turn, He knocked me to the Floor, He was on top of me, Right over me, we where eye to eye, He held me down, He put his face closer to mine, until our lips touched, He gave me a small kiss, and went for my neck, he didn’t bite me yet, But I knew, I could feel his lips on my neck, He began to breath faster,then a shoot of pain went through me, I could feel his Fangs in my neck, I could feel my blood Dripping down my neck, it felt like it was burning, He stoped and looked at me, He smiled and picked me up, he placed me on the Bed, he laid beside me, ever since then, we’ve been together. forever,