Tonight’s the night (pt. 2)

sorry for the long wait between one and two..I was working on other stuff….

Delana could feel the lust running through her veins, she wanted it just as bad maybe even worse than Chris. She slowly, seductively moved toward him, his eyes dancing from her hips to her bust, up to her burning lips. Chris layed himself down on the sheets and could now see himself rising vertically.

Delana couldn’t help it, she visciously jumped to him, removing her shirt, not wanting to waste another second. He was startled but content with her forwardness; he started kissing her collar bone, up to her neck, staying there licking and gently nibbling, his warm breathe carressing her soft white skin. She let a light moan escape her wet lips and she gripped Chris’s back with her sharpened nails and started scratching. The pain was refreshing to Chris and he too, let a moan of delight out. Chris then started to grope her supple tits, squeezing hard, then being gentle and playful, teasing her intensly. Under hot, heavy, gasping breaths she giggled and pulled him away, he whined a little, but knew that whatever was coming next was going to be much better…

She dipped in for a sensual kiss, better than she thought it would be. Then she unzipped the fly of his pants, which revealed a swelling cock, she smiled and mouth widened…inhaling his whole member, he gasped and moaned in this delighted pleasure. Delana sucked and licked….took her head away and tease, nibbling on his head. Just when Chris was about to cum, she shyed away and went back to kiss his burning lips. Chris let out a sigh of pleasure and cupped Delana’s head into his big hands, “wow..” he said under his breath, and gave her a long kiss…


staye tuned for more….


By hatedoll

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