Tonight’s the Night (pt.1)

Delana sat across the room from him. His sultry dark eyes peering into nothingness, though his gaze was set upon another girl. “dammit” Delana said under her breath, he can’t be wih her. The pulsing sounds of the music made delana a slave, she got up, and walked towards him with new confidence.

As she glided forward his eyes drifted to her, his eyes are glazed, must be the X, she thought to herself. “Hey” he said in a deep penatrating voice, “what’s your name?” he let out a coy smile as he leaned against the black velvet wall. “Delana” she said as she seductivly swayed her hips to the music. She smiled back. “Chris.”…he paused…”Hey, ya know, I know a great place we can go…” “Sure” Delana immediatly accepted, Chris took her hand and led her to a dark corridor. As they walked down flights of stairs she could only hear the faint beat of the club, but all the while in her head she could just picture herself writhing with him in a dark alley or on a bed of silk. They finally got down to the room. It was dimly lit with black drapery. In the corner a forlorne sliegh bed with blood red sheets, Chris sat down on the big bed with a sigh. Delana watched him with growing intensity as he motioned her over. Tonight’s the night. Tonight’s the night. Tonight’s the night.

By hatedoll

a billion brooding souls smashing into oblivion..... that's kind of my life