Torture by a name

I lay bleeding at your feet
You sew your eyes shut and blindly kick at me
Every attempt you make to heal me only twists the knife further in
You dont see the red tracks of isolation on my limbs
You dont see my facade slowly crumbling
You dont see me falling apart

The venom of apathy runs through my viens
and I sink further down
You avert your eyes upward as I melt into pain
Walking along the path to where my dreams were going to come true
Hand in hand with my angel of death
Footsteps came behind us stomping out my will to live
Blood on his white shirt stained my mind
They have taken from me what I had to live for
I fled into dark woods where silence ruled me
I searched for everything I lost many years ago
Lifetimes later memories come back and pound upon my sanity
I have eveything again in my sight but just beyond my reach
Torment carried by centuries of waiting weighs heavily but i continue
I will not miss this chance to live my life as it was
I will not miss my dreams

By LilithApocalypse

My heart stop and my blood turns to ice. Your stick your barbed wire fingers inside of me. You twist your fingers dripping with lies and cut your way into my life. I bleed you out. My veins drip life onto the floor