toxic devotion

i saw it there in his thoughts
he was on the edge of demise
but yet i hesitated to pull him back
to pull him towards me
for i was there beside him
i already knew he was forever mine

still i delighted in his suffering
the silver lining of the cloud
that was our nightmare

his pure white skin
long black hair
crimson tears
razor cold touch
i loved every one of the tears he shed

through his pain i found security
in what we had to do
our dream of eternity could not
be fulfilled in the
fault that was that world

– no –

our love was stronger than that
stronger than life

he was my poison
my addiction
my everything

life would tear us apart;
it was inevitable
the only way i could keep him
was in death

sweet release
the beginning of the end

he looked at me
with demonic zeal in his eyes
i could tell he was ready to end the suffering

he held me tight as the world went dark…
as the warming rush of toxic devotion
took over our existance…

…as our souls were bound forever in the death
that is our eternity…