Trade of the worst sort

A boy so angry a boy so sad
Hit his mother hurt his dad
All they gave was love and trust
All he did was sell it for lust

Lust for the drugs and alcohol
That he thought to be more keen
Spent his days on the streets searching for lies more revealing than the truth
Addicted he was with no hope
A shot of vodka a hit of dope
In a room he awoke
Over him stood his mom and to the left stood his dad
He doesn’t feel the high that mad him so glad
When he thought memories came flooding in
He knows what he traded should be cherished most
He traded love for dope
He still needs a high and when he dose
He finds hope that loves no high to replace with dope.

By HeatherNorwood

16 years old, lives in massachusetts and studying to speak with the death and share my writing with all. Also Honor student looking Twards being a major in florensics and working through the FBI.