tragic beatings

the cuts have all gone the scars have all faded
but she’s still left with feelings jaded
her life, it seems, is not hers to control
she tries to fight but then she is thrown

for the wiced rule the good these days
and life moves on like a haunting play
oh miserable wretch what have you done?
you disobeyed orders now its his turn for fun
bloodied and broken you look for escape
but alas, being bound to him is your sad fate
crying alone you know what to do
youve had enough of the shit youve been through
a dagger, so sharp, so small, and so quick
you’ve always been together through thin and through thick
and now you call on her services once more
“make that bastard beg on his knees, on the floor!”
his redemption must come through blood and through bone
in this last act of violence you stand strong and alone
it throws him off, for you to be brave
but now his death is all that you crave
the curtain now closes on their miserable life
so sad that it ended on pain and on strife.

By mistress faruzah

losing your viginity at a church is quite the experience