I’m sitting here on the floor,
With my back against the door,
Not wanting to let you in,
So I won’t get hurt again.

It’s an endless, boring night,
Much like the rest of my life,
Without a real purpose I’m here,
Failing to stop my fears.

You still are trying to get inside,
I’ll let you come in, but after time,
You’ll wish you never said so,
And it’s too late to let go.

It’s like a nightmare without sleep,
I’ve slipped so far; I’m in so deep,
My days have turned worse,
I’m feeling like my mind will burst.

You only sit and stare at me,
Shocked by what you see,
Is it that hard to believe?
Would you rather just leave?

I’m searching for something,
The whole time I’m dying,
What am I trying to find?
While I loose the rest of my mind?

You’re in now; I can’t let you leave,
How where you being so naïve?
You knew it’d happen, soon or later,
I broke from being a traitor.