Trolls Bomb the Rating of GODZILLA VS. KONG

So apparently so-called fans of Zack Snyder, pissed off at the way rotten tomatoes has treated him unfairly, have decided to get back at the site by—sabotaging an entirely different movie? Hey, don’t expect anything coming from such mouth-breathers to make sense. And they’re not fans, either, not of Snyder, not of anything. They’re just trolls using fandom as an excuse. All these little trolls who haven’t even seen the movie are leaving bad reviews for it, just to bring down its overall score out of spite.

Listen, peeps. This is but one more reason why such aggregate critical scores need to be ignored completely. There are no qualifications to post an online review. Anybody can do it, no matter how low his IQ and no matter whether or not he has even seen the movie in question. Only a dullard should consult an aggregate score to determine whether or not a movie is any good. Don’t be a dullard. Don’t let the monkeys smearing their own feces on bathroom walls inform you on a movie’s worth.

Along the same lines, don’t consult rotten tomatoes, either. It is an aggregate site composed of reviews from a majority of commoner critics. Commoner critics are not qualified to appraise geek fare. It would be like asking a teetotaler to judge a wine-tasting contest. For accurate reviews of geek movies, look to the geek websites alone. Only from those sites are you likely to get accurate results.

UPDATE: It seems that imdb and other sites are now trying to remove those troll reviews, although I do wonder how they can tell which ones they are, exactly.

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