True Ouija Story

I’m really into mythical stuff and witchcraft. One night at my friend Cristina’s house, 3 of my friends and I decided to play the ouija board since we had nothing else to do.

It was about 7pm and in order to make it more affective, we darkened the room, lit candles all around us and played some eerie music for us to have a good concentration. We gathered around and started playing. My friend Cristina wanted to find out if she had a ghost in her new house so we asked the question to a spirit. He/she spelled out “p-a-t-t-i” and the strage thing was that patti was one of my friends who was playing the game with us.

So we asked the quesion once more and then the spirit spelled out “k-y-l-e w-i-t-ch” kyle was also my friend who was there playing the game. So everything went really strange. We started asking who we were in our pastlife.

We were all scottish and we lived in England at the time. The year was 1436. Kyle and Patti turned out to be twin sisters and they were both witches…their names were Rose Backer and Ann Backer. I was Mildred Hang and my family was the executioners who burnt them. They died on April 5th. Cristina was Eve Ashner and we were all friends like we are now. Cristina and I convicted them as witches because we were afraid that something might happen to us.

When they died, they were 16 years old and Cristina was also 16 but I was 17(the odd thing is that even in my past life, I was still a year older than everybody else). Later when I turned 18, I married Rose,Ann Backer’s brother, Rone Backer(who is someone I know in this life who I had the biggest crush on) and Cristina(Eve) married my brother who’s name was Kas Hang. He is also a person who goes to my school right now and I don’t know him personally.(we asked who those people are in this life) So anyway, things were really true and strange. Another strange thing was that Kyle(Rose Backer) had a boyfriend named Peter Nix before she died…and it turns out that there is this kid who she went out with last year named Justin Nix was him…and they’re gonna end up marrying each other later in life. The weird thing was that he called her up like two days after we played the game and told her the same result he got from playing the ouija board(he was in california and they haven’t been talking for a while..and it turns out thyat he played the game like a week before we did). The only difference was that he said Kyle’s name was Rose Becker instead of Backer… the end..a scary thing for me..we asked the spirit who he was and his name was Rez D and he said that he’s the father of Rose and Ann Backer…it was freaky..and before we said bye to him, he spelled out(by the way, my name’s Hanna) “Traitor, Hanna….betrayed…devil..”

Everyone jumped and got so scared they turned all pale and frightened. He hated me because my family burnt his daughters. A month later Cristina and another friend of mine and I played the ouija board again(without Patti and Kyle) and called for Rez D and he talked and said that he hated me and he said bye and was really weird. I swear that nobody moved it.