True Power

The life happening around us is securely obtuse,and truly understanding “this,”we may find direct passage to our destination.
It is not the “darkness” that you seek.It is the malignant,dark growth within your consciousness that you wish to understand.

That darkness grips us warm,but it is simply within “your” own revelations to embrace the truth of the “DARKNESS.”

“True Darkness,” is a bitter lie of which you must learn to cope.The truth of darkness is as “temporary and definite” as daylight.One’s ending will always precede the beginning of the other.

It is always the “Godless” one that transcends into nothingness.

“Godless,” is of course the socially acceptable term for “the one without faith.” When technically “GOD” is a mere choice of belief.It is not the choice of “God or Gods” that make the core of a human-beings power weak or more holy than another.It is the “faithless” one that transcends into nothingness.

The “human soul” is a keeper of unimaginable power,and the “human spirit” is the will that allows the use of this power.

The human spirit is the force that drives life.To neglect it, or to let it fade would eventually deny all access to the immortal soul and its amazing power.

“Faith,” is the bridge to the human spirit. If you have true faith in nothing,… “you have nothing.” If your bridge is burned,… “your soul will be unattainable.”

By FanaticalArtist