true story

There once was a girl and her name was Lynn
She was born into a very abusive house hold and yet she never tought of running away or thought of killing herself.
She was happy even though her dad would touch her and hit her and her mom walked the streets for money.
Years have passed and her mother killed her father and she was sent to a shelter of some kind she was 3 at this time.
About 10 years has passed and she was never taken in or what ever.There was a young couple just got married but sadly the wife’s child died and they was going to adopt one.They wanted a child about the age of their fist kid.
They found Lynn hidden in the corner behind her toys .
The woman wanted Lynn because she reminded her,of her first child and Lynn was the same age as they 1st kid also.
So they took her home and the grl was so use to the shelter that she would cry at night .The 3rd night there she had enough.AS her mother would walk in something came overher and a rage came out and she killed the lady and twisting her neck so hard it came off of her neck with a silent thump the lady lie lifeless on the ground blood everywhere Lynn went down stairs and had gotten a wood ax and went to the living room where the father fell asleep she hacked him into slices leaving his hand untouched. As she was about to leave she called the cops and said”tonight is the night i was to die”. For some reason they had thought someone busted in and tryed to kill her so they sent local cops to inspect her house. They walked in and there she sat with her father’s hands in her lap rocking back and forward wisphering to the hands.
they took lynn to the hospital and a week later she commited suicide she had hung herself with her sheets.
True story

By gothvamperella666

i am a vampire who is guilty of tears and i wanting to express feelings not cruel coldness


  1. Interesting, so that’s true? Well if this is one of those stories where youre tellin your own youre dead now and cant read this.. so let’s hope that isnt the case.

  2. wow im dumb, i responded to another of your posts earlier.. i recognise your name now.. i musta drank something..

  3. I’m wondering where you heard this story because I think it’s been exaggerated somewhat. I don’t know about you but I’ve never heard of a thirteen year old being able to twist someone’s head OFF! But even if only SOME of this story is true, it’s horrible. What a sad world we live in.

  4. True? Well…… If that’s the case, wouldn’t somebody have heard of it? I don’t know.. Well if that is the case.. Where did you here it/read it.. Just curious.. Nice written though

  5. dark…. sad story… i wonder if there are other grim tales aside that one…

  6. It’s true? That’s really sad. Feel bad for the girl in a way. Oh well, awesome story though in one of those weird ways, ya know?

  7. Dear Gothvamperella,
    I don’t think this story is true either but I do think it shows you have a good imagination. It’s the thing about twising off the woman’s head that got me.
    It’s a sad story though – expressing your pain I think.
    You wrote about your cutting in a different article. You are clearly a very worthwhile person. I hate that you cut. I want you to find out why you do it and to be able to stop. Further down the road from that you will find out that you are very worthwhile. Don’t take second best, hon. You are worth the best.

  8. interesting very interesting……..
    but i don’t think it’s possible…..
    it’s also a good story…….

  9. Wow… This is true? Hmmm… I really like this one. Kind of weird that it’s true though. If it wasn’t true I would love it more.

  10. some people need to be killed befor what they do effects others this way….he parents should of been slained befor she even knew they were he parents……

  11. would they be dead they would not of hurt her in this way,would she not know them she would feel no strong bonds toward them,people like the parents in this who do such things are like a virus,they need to be taken care of befor they do harm and spread.

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