I mean, it already was, but now we have an actual date to point to. The third season of TWIN PEAKS, taking place 25 years after season 2 aired and the show was cancelled by whatever network was airing it—I think it was ABC, but I don’t remember for certain and I would google it but, really, who cares? It doesn’t matter. THEY cancelled the show. Showtime is bringing it back! This makes Showtime even with me. It makes up for their part in the cancellation of PENNY DREADFUL. They are starting at ground level now, at zero. They’re no longer in the negative numbers. This is your second chance with me, Showtime. Don’t blow it!

TWIN PEAKS season three will begin in May of this year. Five short months that will seem like five eons. With so many of the original cast reprising their roles, it’s gonna be like going home again. Sadly the performers who portrayed the Log Lady and Demon BOB are no longer with us. Will their parts be recast? Demon BOB would HAVE to be, while they could have, like, the long lost niece of the Log Lady inherit the Log and become a new Log Lady, or something. (I’m predicting Trent Reznor will be taking on the role of BOB. In his scruffy mode, he looks like BOB already.) As the Pointer Sisters would say, I’m so excited! (And I just can’t hide it!)