Twisting Desire

Belle knocked on Darrem’s door the same way she always did, “Shave-and-a-hair-cut…” same old routine. The house was dark, but she knew that he was home. She tapped her foot to the beat of the music thumping in the house. “What the hell is taking him so long?” she thought to herself as she waited. Usually Darrem was at the door before she even got the chance to knock. He usually watched her pull up. Just as she was about to knock again, the door swung open. Darrem stood in the doorway, his normal stoic expression on his face. “Well it’s about fuckin’ time!” Belle said with a smile on her face. She loved to tease and flirt with him. She could do everything with him she couldn’t do with her husband and that was the basis of their friendship. He loved the attention and she loved the foreplay. “I ah…was asleep.” Darrem cocked his right eyebrow while he spoke. That was Belle’s signal that he was in one of those moods. “Oh…cheer up sourpuss, I was only kiddin’. Are you gonna let me in or what?” Darrem smiled and stepped out of the way. His right arm swept wide, motioning for her to enter. Belle smirked and walked across the threshold. Darrem closed the door behind her. “Is this just a social visit or do you need some readjusting?” Darrem stood right behind her. Belle could smell the combination of cologne and cigarettes wafting from his large body. The combination of the smell and his close proximity made Belle a little weak in the knees. Unlike her husband, Darrem knew how to turn her on. It was just too bad that she loved her husband dearly. “I’ll take a back rub if you’re offering.” She turned to face Darrem and smiled. She loved his back rubs. They were the next best thing to sex. “Well then, you know the routine, go strip, put on a towel and lie down on the table. Darrem looked down at Belle and smiled. Belle noticed that there was an intensity to his gaze that wasn’t there before. “Are you feeling alright Darr?” Belle’s note of concern only widened Darrem’s smile. “Never felt better sexy, now do you want your rubdown or not?” Darrem stepped past her and walked into the kitchen. She watched as he took a gallon of milk out and drank from the carton. Darrem was certainly acting normal, but there was just something in his eyes that made her feel as if he had made some change. Belle shook her head as she dismissed the thought. As Darrem put the milk away, she went into the massage room and began to take off her clothes. As she unbuttoned her jeans she looked around the room. Darrem had made himself quite the setup here. Shelves ran every wall with oils and candles sitting on them. A small pedestal sat in the corner holding a CD player. Then there was the table. It was a top of the line professional masseuse’s table. Most people that came to him for a rubdown got charged $300 dollars per session. But he always did Belle’s for free. After all, he was not only doing her a favor, but he was helping Belle’s husband Caleb as well. She had met Darrem through her husband, though she saw more of him than Caleb did. And Darrem’s backrubs always did wonders for the happy couples sex life. Belle pulled one of the black terry cloth towels off of its hook and wrapped it around her. The warmth of the freshly heated towels gave her goose bumps. Belle lit a long match and began to light the candles in the room. She liked the ambience and the smell of burning wax. “What the hell is he doing now?” she wondered to herself as she sifted through his CD’s. “DARREM! What are you waiting for…doomsday?” She giggled at herself as she lay down on the table. Lying face down, she loosened the towel from around her chest and let it hang over the sides of the table. The warm cushioned leather made her nipples hard as it pressed them against her small frame. She moaned quietly as she made herself comfortable. “Are we a bit impatient tonight?” Darrem seethed sarcastically. He had changed from the jeans and t-shirt that he was wearing to baggy black slacks and a red silk shirt that he left untucked. Belle forgot that he liked being comfortable when he did this. “Sorry, I forgot you were changing.” Belle looked at Darrem with apologetic eyes, she really didn’t mean to sound like a brat, she was just screwing around. “Don’t apologize, I know you were teasing, after all, isn’t that what you are best at?” Darrem’s dig at Belle’s flirting ways made her huff. She had to admit, there was no one better at civil sarcasm than Darrem. Darrem stepped closer to the table. Some of the candles that Belle had lit gave off a thick aroma. The smell made her relax to the point of wanting to sleep. “Don’t pass out yet, I haven’t even got started.” Darrem’s soothing voice washed over Belle’s ears like ocean waves. She could faintly hear Darrem’s hands rubbing together; along with the rubbing was the squishing sound of oil. He was lubing up. Belle jumped a bit as she felt warm oil splash onto her tailbone. Darrem always started there and worked his way up, or down, it depended on his mood. Tonight would be up as his strong smooth hands began to rub the small of her back and her kidneys. Waves of heat crashed into her over stimulated body as Darrem worked his magic. Soft moans escaped from Belle’s lips as Darrem’s hands marched up her back, satisfying every knot and sore muscle it came across. Her toes curled as Darrem worked on her ribcage. His hands wandered dangerously close to her breasts. She squirmed as he hit a ticklish spot, but quickly regained composure. Belle had received a lot of massages from Darrem over the last two years, but it was never quite like this. This had her turned on enough that she was sure there was a puddle of pleasure laying on the table between her legs. Darrem’s hands just seemed to be hitting all the right spots tonight and it was getting hard for Belle to remember her vows. “Am I hurting you or something B?” Darrem’s voice was soft and concerned. It took every ounce of restraint for Belle not to cry out in ecstasy when she tried to speak. “No…everything…is… fine…” her words dripped from her mouth slowly as her will fought hard against her instinctual desire. Her subconscious had always had a passion for Darrem, his smell was intoxicating, his arrogance was sexy and he had a sensuality that most men could never have mastered by his age. But reality always kept her strong, she had a husband, whom she hopelessly loved and to whom she was fiercely loyal. The thought of adultery had never even entered her conscious mind. She fantasized like every one else does, but she knew she would never make her dreams reality. But tonight made her feel different. Something that emanated from Darrem’s touch was trying to break her iron will, the thing that frightened her was that whatever it was, it was starting to succeed. Belle felt Darrem stop and step back from her. “Wh-what’s the matter?” she mumbled as she turned her head towards him. “Your tensing up in all the wrong places B. Perhaps we should do this another time, like when you aren’t in heat.” The bluntness of Darrem’s comment hit Belle like a hammer. Even he could tell what was going on with her, and he was only rubbing her back. “I-I don’t know what you are talking about. Everything is fine.” The bold lie flowed out of her mouth with great ease. It shocked her a bit, because that was not what she had planned to say. In fact, it was the exact opposite of that. “Well…if you think that you can handle it, then I guess we can proceed.” The intense look in Darrem’s eyes made Belle want him even more. She didn’t know what it was, but for some reason tonight, Darrem looked almost part animal. Belle nodded and laid her head back down. Darrem began again where he had left off, his warm strong hands soothed the twisted muscles that made up her shoulders. She gasped as he gripped her neck firmly and rubbed the lump at the back of the skull. She could hear him chuckle a bit as he watched her spasm with sensation. He stopped for a bit and laid the towel back onto her back. She felt warm weight press down on the small of her back and between her shoulder blades. “I’m gonna put you on the rocks for a minute, just relax and I’ll be back in a second.” Darrem playfully patted Belle’s bare ass as he walked away, the vibrations sent spasms of passion coursing through her body. “What the hell is wrong with me?” Belle thought as she tried to control herself. She had never felt this way before. It was as if she was nothing more than an animal. Her senses were being overloaded by sounds and smells that she had never noticed before. The warm stones felt like boulders on her petite body. She could feel herself falling into the dizziness of sleep. No matter how hard she fought, she could not stay awake. Her eyes fluttered shut as wild dreams invaded her mind.

Belle stood naked over her own body as it lye in the table. She tried to speak but found her voice gone. She was to be an observer and nothing more. She watched as Darrem walked back into the room. At least it looked like Darrem, it was the same shell, the same cuddly body that she had rested her head on many times as they watched movies. But his demeanor was different. His shirt was held closed by the bottom button so that his burly torso was visible. She felt herself wanting to rip the shirt the rest of the way off, she wanted to run her hands through the thick tufts of hair that darkened his chest and stomach. His eyes were steady and focused like a predator’s. She gasped as he dragged his finger down her back, pulling the towel and dropping it on the floor. She watched as her body stirred from its rest, rolling over to give Darrem a full view of her front side. Her ears listened as he chuckled a bit. It wasn’t his normal humorous chuckle, but one that was much more dark, and maybe just a little sinister. The face on her body curled into an evil grin as it stared at Darrem’s frame. Then the face looked at Belle, smirking, acknowledging her presence. The face was hers, but like Darrem’s it was more primal, not totally her own. Darrem looked in the direction of Belle as she watched him caress her body’s dewy oyster. “It’s about time you came out to play Bette.” Darrem’s voice was lower, raspy, it was his tone, but not his voice. Belle’s body sat up on the table and put her legs around Darrem. “You know she makes me play hard to get. But look at her now, it’s killing her that she has to be the back seat driver.” Belle noticed that these words did not come from the two figures that stood before her, but from her mind. Belle took a step back. Fear gripped her soul like a vice. “Don’t fight it Belle, Bette and I have waited to long for you and Darrem to relent to your lust for each other. We are sick of having to meet in your linked minds; there is no feeling here for us. We want a little bit of the real world, just once.” Darrem’s glance burned into Belle’s mind, making her remember all the torrid little dreams she had had over the last few years. The carnal ecstasy that had made her wet in the dream world was standing before her, begging for true release. Belle focused her thoughts, trying to communicate with the two doppelgangers that pleaded with her. “Who are you? Why are you in my head?” Her question came with tears that streamed down her face. She had never been this frightened before. “Oh like you don’t know,” the specter that resembled her spat into her mind, “we all have a dark side Belle, most people accept it, indulge it in one way shape or form. But once in awhile, there comes a group of people who’s dark sides are so totally opposite from themselves that they try to repress it. They don’t want to have anything to do with its desires and its passions. They bury it with a force of will and self-control that is almost inhuman. What they don’t realize is that by burying that darkness and not giving it any outlet, they make it develop itself apart from them, creating a different personality, and one day, that personality is going to find a weak spot in that will. With you and Darrem that weak spot was each other. Neither would allow your true feelings for each other to be known. But below the surface, Damion and I met and shared with each other, our desires, our wants, and our hatred for the two of you and your weakness under the rules of society. You love your husband, but I don’t. Darrem is a nice guy that has wonderful self-control when it comes to women. Damion is nothing like that. Together, we plotted against Darrem and you, taking every opportunity we could to find a way to manifest ourselves and take over. Now, we’ve found a way, and neither of you can do anything about it. So you will just have to sit and watch us do the things that the two of you never had the balls to even talk about. Trust me, by the time I’m done feeding you all the sensations I’ve got planned. You won’t want to go back to being just you. Watch and learn.” With that Belle’s body turned from her and stared deep into this Damion’s eyes. Her hands ran down his chest and stomach. Belle could feel his fur running between her fingers. His musky scent filled her nose and heightened her arousal. “Why are you doing this to me?” Belle whimpered as her body filled with passion. “Because, sweetie, deep down this is what you always wanted.” The retort deepened Belle’s sorrow as she realized the truth. This was what she always wanted, and by burying it, she had only made her wanton desire stronger. She gasped as she felt Damion’s teeth sink into her small breast. The pain quickly changed to perverse pleasure as he began to suck on her nipple, allowing her flesh to grate against his sharp canines. She could feel warm wetness run down her leg as she was forced to watch and feel the tryst from a distance. Her mind began to submit to the will of her alter ego as the pair of dark figures continued their animalistic exploration. Belle wanted to double over with orgasm as Darrem’s twin started to run his fingers up inside of her. He started with one…then two…then three…and he didn’t stop widening her gap till he could fit his whole fist inside of her. The pain was exquisite. Belle could feel herself reaching climax. She watched as Bette writhed in ecstasy while Damion used his tongue on her swollen clit. He bit, licked and sucked on the throbbing button till she felt it would burst. Just as she was about to cum she felt something shaking her. “Belle…Belle…wake up!” The lights faded on the figures she had been watching and experiencing as they dimmed from view they looked at her and laughed. “What are you gonna do now Belle? Especially now that you want the same thing we want!”

Belle started as she woke from her torrid dream. Darrem was standing over her with a look of concern plastered across his face. “Where the hell did you go? I’ve been trying to wake you for five minutes!” The worry in Darrem’s voice surprised Belle. She never thought he cared. “I just had a really weird dream, nothing to big. I must have been really tired.” Belle turned over on her back, making sure the towel didn’t show Darrem anything. The images of her dream still haunted her mind. “Start at my feet would ya Darr, they’re throbbing.” Darrem nodded his understanding and began to rub oil on his hands. Belle had to close her eyes. The sight of Darrem’s hands smoothly rubbing together made the wanton images of her dreams surface. Belle quietly licked her lips at the thought of Darrem’s whole fist invading her most tender areas. Darrem began to massage her feet. Every touch was orgasmic to her now. Shockwaves of pleasure shot up Belle’s spine with every slight caress. As Darrem worked his way up Belle’s legs, the intensity of the sensations grew stronger. Belle tried to keep her desires hidden, but she was sure that Darrem was noticing the slight pelvic gyrations that had begun involuntarily. Darrem crept up her legs to the most intimate part of her inner thigh. As he pulled away to start up Belle’s left thigh, she stopped him. “I think I have a knot I need you to work out.” The voice that emanated from Belle’s mouth didn’t sound like her own, fear shot through her spine as the last words she heard from her alter ego rang in her ears…”What are you gonna do now? Especially now that you want the same thing we want!” Belle felt herself open her legs wide and caress her inner thigh. “I have tension right here.” She said in the same seductive voice. Darrem’s eyes grew wide, “Wh-What are you doing? This isn’t funny!” he took a step back from the table. Belle felt her body sit up, letting the towel fall from her naked torso. Her right hand rubbed her inner thigh while her left crept up her stomach to massage her breast. She could see the carnal excitement in Darrem’s eyes as he watched her. Belle could see the intensity build in his soul as he continued to back away from her. “What’s wrong Darrem? Are you not attracted to me?” Belle reveled in the question. No matter how hard she tried, she could no longer control her want. She stopped rubbing herself and got up from the table. The towel that had once covered her, fell to the floor in a lump. As Belle slowly walked toward Darrem’s rigged form, she noticed that the look of shock was being replaced with one of desire. It was as if a switch had been turned on in his mind. “Are you sure you know what you’re asking?” he said in a dark tone. His face was stone, no expression, no emotion. Coldness paled his eyes as he took in her form. Belle could tell that Darrem was trying to resist. The problem was, she didn’t want him to. Darrem was backed into the corner. Belle continued her advance till she was toe to toe with her massive friend. “Why do you run, you and I both know that we both want this.” Belle’s hands ran underneath Darrem’s shirt, the feel of his furry chest between her fingers excited her even more, making her feel more like an animal. Darrem gasped as Belle grabbed a handful of hair and tugged. She could feel him bulging through his slacks. At least part of him wanted her. “Are we forgetting something dear?” Darrem muttered through gritted teeth as he grabbed her wedding ring. “A formality, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” Belle grasped Darrem’s hand and pinned it against the wall. She had never felt this strong before. She wrapped her free arm around Darrem’s neck and pulled herself up his body. Her legs wrapped around his waist so that her face was a breath away from his. Darrem looked away trying not to meet her gaze. The tension in his jaw spoke volumes about the mental war going on within him. “Look at me Darrem!” Belle commanded as she nibbled on his ear. She watched as Darrem’s eyes fluttered a bit with each nibble. His head jerked slightly and then slowly started turning to face her. When Darrem opened his eyes, Belle saw the full consequences of her actions. The soft brown eyes that had always comforted her were gone. In there place, were hard, cold hazel eyes that were deep with abyssal lust. A sinister smile crept across Darrem’s face as he saw the look of fright on his prizes face. “What’s wrong love? Is this not what you wanted?” Darrem’s free hand clamped on to Belle’s ass forcing her burning slit up against the massive bulge that seemed to keep growing. The sensation sent shockwaves running through her body, and the fear of what Darrem had just become started to wash away. “What are you?” was all Belle could muster from her lips. Her breath became shallow and quick as a mixture of fear and sexual excitement sent a tornado of sensation ripping through her body. Darrem opened Belle’s mouth with his tongue. The time for talking was over. As they kissed, Darrem walked Belle back over to the table and sat her down. Fervently they both ripped at Darrem’s clothes desperately trying to get them off. All the time, their lips never parted. It was as if they were connected there and to sever that connection would be terminal for both of them. Belle pulled herself forward and again wrapped her legs around Darrem’s now naked form. Her fingernails ripped at his back as they breathed each other, depriving themselves of oxygen. Darrem’s strong hands gripped her ass, pulling her off of the table. Belle could no longer tell where she ended and Darrem began. Their flesh melted into each other, making them connect at all points. Her nipples elongated and reached out for Darrem’s chest. It felt as if snakes were slithering from her breasts, looking for the mouse that they would use for its supper. Darrem’s chest opened at the nipples to receive her offering and the tendrils that now protruded from her breasts entered into the holes. Belle felt the thing that had been bulging and growing in Darrem’s pants, slither up her leg and enter her hot dewy canyon. It reacted by undulating on its own, pulling the full length of the mass into her. She felt her fingers slip and slide over Darrem’s soft flesh till they started sticking to it. Her eyes opened at the shock of her tongue solidifying with his. It was one mass, transferring energy back and forth between the two unintelligible masses that used to be human. Belle dropped her legs from around Darrem’s waist and dangled from the mass that grew within her, becoming part of her. Her spine rippled with pain as her bone structure softened and bent. Their flesh sagged as muscle and fat became rubbery mass. Her feet instinctively rubbed Darrem’s calves till they became part of them. She could no longer move her hands across Darrem’s back as they fused to it. Fear gripped her soul as this complete joining grew out of control. Darrem’s knees buckled and they fell to the ground. They were no more than an undulating mound of flesh now, a rubbery blob of desire that fed upon itself. Their minds were the last thing to fuse together. All their wants, needs, fears and aspirations were shared in one moment. Thoughts they each had of each other melded in perfect harmony, making fantasy reality. Then, as suddenly as it happened, it stopped. They broke apart with enough force to throw them to opposite sides of the room. The couple lay there unconscious. Hours passed before either stirred.

Belle’s eyes opened and focused on her surroundings. She lay on the table curled in the fetal position. The black towel that had covered her torso for the massage now covered her shivering body. She looked around for Darrem but her was nowhere to be found. “I was wondering when you were going to wake up?” a familiar voice scoffed from the doorway. Belle looked up and saw Darrem, fully clothed leaning against the threshold. His trademark smirk stuck to his face. “How long have I been asleep?” Belle murmured as she tried to shake her grogginess and the images of her dreams. “About two hours, I went to get something to drink and when I came back, you were fast asleep. I didn’t want to disturb you so I called Caleb and told him what was going on.” I was starting to fear that you would never wake up. As Darrem spoke, images of the union between them started to invade Belle’s mind. They disturbed and excited her at the same time. “Gods, I had some weird dreams, and they seemed so real.” Belle sat up, wrapping the towel back around her body. “I’ve got to get dressed and go home, I’m sorry I fell asleep.” Belle gave a meek look to her massive friend that looked at her adoringly. “No problem, we’ll continue this another time.” Darrem turned and stepped out of the doorway, giving Belle enough privacy to get dressed. She quickly put her clothes back on, not even noticing that her pants and shirt were fitting a little tight. When she exited the massage parlor, she noticed that Darrem was sitting in the living room staring at her with a grin on his face. “What the hell are you looking at so coyly?” Belle asked as she sauntered over to him and sat on his lap. “I just think it’s funny…” Darrem put his hand on Belle’s abdomen, rubbing slowly. The sensation turned Belle on and she placed her hand on top of his. “What…is …so…funny?” she said through heavy breath. “I think it’s funny that you thought it was a dream.” The exciting sensation instantly turned to dread in Belle’s soul. Her eyes opened and she slowly looked down at the area that Darrem was rubbing. Her eyes bulged as she viewed his hand slowly swirling over her swollen stomach. “See, that is why I think it is funny, now, you can’t leave, and trust me, you don’t want to.” Belle tried to get off of Darrem’s lap but her body wouldn’t respond. And she watched in horror as she began to undress again. As Darrem stroked and caressed her naked flesh, he slipped a metal collar around her neck. As the clasp closed, all fear washed from Belle’s mind. All she knew was devotion and loyalty to her new master and caring devotion to their future child. Darrem snapped his fingers and four other women stepped out of his bedroom. They were her friends that she thought had moved away. Two held hands with two children that she could only guess were hers and Darrems. “My pretties, I have found you a new playmate. Make sure she is comfortable. The women left their stone faced children behind as they approached the couch and took off what little clothes they wore. They swarmed Belle and Darrem, caressing them and moaning their want. “One big happy family.” Was the last thing Belle heard from Darrem’s lips before she drifted off into eternal ecstasy.

By Damion LaCreux

Been in the darkness for years. Not really much to tell, I am intrigued by the amount of pain and anguish people put themselves through to make everyone else happy. Just found the site a few months ago, its interesting to say the least.