i see it in you, like it is in me.
somthing you cannot contain, and only blame yourself
i see you do it, like i do
nothing can stop the twitch.

when we were on heroin, i didn’t know you.
through methadone we never met.
now we consume coffee and cigarettes
and sit together and twitch

most people would laugh, or point it out
those people wouldn’t understand
would not accept it as you do
as i do, when we twitch

these people already do not accept us,
for our past, present and future to come
the things we plan aren’t welcome
but we don’t care, they don’t twitch

they don’t see us better
they don’t watch us fight
they can’t see us in those rooms
they only watch us twitch

i see you do often
i know you watch me too
we know what it takes to subside it
but nothing stops the twitch

soon we will be wed, man and wife
and we will have a big dog
the people we know, love us
even though we twitch

some days are worse then others
sometimes we stay in bed
or play chess, or get tattoos
but dope is why we twitch