Two days in the home of shyanne,seth, and misti

It was a cold Grey-collored night sky. I was watching Lilo and Stitch on DVD at te same time waiting for Shyanne to get home with a friend for me. Hours later after the movie ended I heard thekey unlocking the door and quietly ran to it and unlocked it for her. I opened it and al lil girlabout 4’5 tall, black hair, black eyes, dressed in black clothes and had palled skin and no soes, lunged at me nd threw me to my back on the ground.As if that wasnt enough she licked my face.

“Ewww!” I was grosed out. Then she giggled.
“Mmm…yummy, u taste perfect!” she nibled on my neck.
“was that suppose to be a compliment?! and stop that! gonna give me a cut.”Shyanne walked in, ” Ya it is Seth.”
“Hey Shyanne.” The lil girl got off me and walked around the house checkin everythin out. Shyanne gave me the papers of the girl and i went to the couch and read:
“Gender” Female
“Where ur parents are now and they die: They in me tummie, i ate them ;)~

Shyanne sat on the couche, “So u like her?”
“Ya shes cute.”
Misti came up frm behind me and huged me.
“I like u too!”
Shyanne and I laught.
“So misti y did u eat ur parents?”
“cause i wanted to live with u guys!”
“Just dont eat me k?”
“ok. ill try….”
Misti asked me, “Whats ur name?”
“well im Seth”
she smiled and hopped over the couch and landed by me. She crawled on my lap and fell asleep, I shut mine and fell asleep followed by shyanne. Mist woke up 5 minutes later from hunger. She got up and went into the kitchen and looked into the fridge, “hmm….nothin…” she went back on my lap and fell asleep. When it was 6:00 PM I awoke and sy shyanne in the kitchen and Mistis wasnt in sight. So i got up and went to look for her.
I looked everywhere in my bedroom and couldnt find her anywhere in there. So i left and looked in the spare bedroom. after 2 minutes i went to leave seein no trace of her there. Misti grabbed me around my waist in a tight grip and she laughed evily.” There u are Misti! what are you doin?”
“Im sorry seth, but its much too needed…”
She bit my neck causing me to bleed badly and tremble in great pain. Then she slurped on my neck making that slurping noise.

By AnotherHuman

A very depressed human boy............