Two Lovers, Reunited

He walked into the room, scanning the crowd of people. His gaze finally rested upon a striking blonde, sitting across the room. He walked purposefully away from her, and to the left. Then he worked his way over to her, without her being able to see him. He stood staring at her, and watched as her shoulders stiffened, as if she sensed his presence.

He was directly behind her now. He touched the small of her back.. which was exposed by the backless red dress she wore. Then his hand traveled up her spine slowly, and to her shoulder.. with the familiarity of a lover. She smiled warmly and placed her ice-cold hand over his. Then he took the seat across from her. She held her glass up, and touched it to his, in a silent ‘salud’. ‘I have always adored the way you look in that dress.’ He said, in a low and intimate voice. ‘And it was you who bought it for me. It was in the twenties, I believe. And you shot a man who admired me in it, I believe.’ ‘And he admired you out of it as well.’ She shot him a cold look, then regained her composure quickly. ‘You’re late. And you’re driving me home. I’ve been waiting for you for hours. And I have had several drinks since I arrived.’ ‘Yes, I am late. And I have always been late. For the past 39 decades. You should be used to it now, my sweet.’ He gave her a lingering kiss. ‘Will you accompany me to my car?’ He asked, toucher her hand. She smiled, and they rose from their chairs. Once at the car, she noticed movement from the back seat. She smiled, and climbed quickly into the passenger seat. She turned to see a young girl bound and gagged in the back seat. ‘I hope you don’t mind take out.’ She laughed, then they both drained the body dry. Once finished, they rode to a nearby expensive hotel, where they made love.. very much like two lovers reunited- which they indeed were. And on their ride to ‘her place’, they make a date for the same night, 10 years in the future. They decided on Vienna, for a romantic rendezvous. And she would reserve a cozy and private table for two. And he would be late… as always.


  1. That wasnta stupid story, it was good. It would be better if it was a bit longer. Keep writing. -ShadowStalker

  2. needs more intrigue & passion between the lovers, otherwise good, keep it up.

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