i dont really know what to call this coz its not about 1 thing in particular. why is it that since i last came on this site(quite a while ago) everyone has become so bothered about what to label themselves as.the fact is,you dont need a label,you are who you are and whether how you look or think about things changes through time,it doesnt matter.

a few months ago,i was sooo depressed and unhappy,i did the whole cut,drink,get depressed and be moody thing and it doesnt solve anything.all it does it either depress the people around you or end with you being totally alone.
i got a grip on myself,i stopped all the stupid things i was doing so now i have my friends,a boyfriend that i love and feel happy not only within myself but with life in general.for all the people that were in the same situation as i was,i understand them and i know its not a nice way to feel.just remember,theres a light at the end of every tunnel,just pray its not a train 😛

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