Underbelly Fashion

Underbelly Fashion: The name is evocative of the darker side of life, and what designer Laura Shrewsbury delivers is certainly a dark and glamourous collection of simple but elegant fashion for men and women. The styles are quite versatile and could easily be worn from day to night; voluptu-goths will be pleased to see her line especially designed for bombshell sizes (because not everyone has a swizzle stick figure!)

If you are shopping with the holidays in mind, plenty of gift ideas are included in the catalogue; Underbelly offers an array of accessories, from gothy barettes and jewelry, finely crafted parasols, gloves, and fans (prices are listed in US dollars).

New Yorkers will be pleased to know that Laura’s newest offering is a concierge service; she will personally deliver your goodies in the Manhattan area and can bring by samples if you care to look before you buy. Or if you are in town for a bit and wish to make an appointment, contact Ms. Shrewsbury at msunderbelly@aol.com.


By MistressMcCutchan

Editrix of Morbid Outlook.