-Undying Hate-

Day 1:
Dear Diary,
Me and Serena stayed in to watch “The Green Mile”. Such a sad film, but it was good fun considering she bought over loads of Doritos and we ended up getting tipsy on vodka and coke.

So now I’m in my dark room, lit with my new rose scented candles, mmm! I really can’t be bothered going into school tomorrow, it’s just so tedious and I’m getting sick of the snide remarks the “normals” make as we walk past them. They just don’t realise that prejudice is not a good thing!
Until Tomorrow Diary.

Day 2:
Dear Diary,
As I predicted, today at school bored me to tears! It irritated me a lot though. As Mr Johnson called out my name in the register, the malicious group of the “slut girls” called out “dyke.” I swear I would’ve shouted something back but it seems like everyone is taking their side. Even Mr Johnson sniggered quietly in the background.
This short of shit pisses me off. I just wish the world was without discrimination. I have a feeling something on the plus side will happen tomorrow, I can only hope.

Day 3:
Dear Diary,
I’ve had enough of this. What’s the fucking point? Those dumbass norms and their leader Lisa started on me today. First they tried to trip me up in the corridor, so being the aggressive person I am, kicked Lisa in the shin. She screamed. And yes, it started what you’d call a “bitch fight”. There was a lot of hair pulling and scratching involved. So I pulled out my pen knife – we’re not meant to have them in school but it’s for defence – And I stabbed her in the arm. BIG MISTAKE! At that point all the kids had gathered round, and the headmaster came over to see what all the fuss was. He dragged her away from me and I was still hurling abuse at her common face. Looking at her like that, scratched, bruised, messed up hair, amused me in a way, because I never saw her like that before. Anyway, I have been suspended for 3 days, so I can “calm down”.
Catch Ya Later.

Day 4:
Dear Diary,
I waited outside the school today to meet up with Serena, she didn’t wanna walk home alone. I sat under the big oak tree, which was filled with carvings of people’s names in hearts etc. It was shady and cool under, so I took off my jacket and looked around for Serena. Then I spotted Lisa’s gang – I saw them as her sheep though – and I sat up, knowing that they weren’t here to compromise. They walked over and said “Why did ya try ‘n’ beat up Lisa mush?!” I ignored them because I thought that would be the right thing to do, but I was sadly mistaken.
They dragged me up against the tree and it was rough against my back. They shouted and screamed at me, as if in another language. They were all so common and their speech was very slurry – probably the results of drugs – so I had difficulty understanding them. I saw a fist come towards my face, and time seemed to stand still. Next thing I knew I was at home on my bed. Mum told me I had been knocked out, and that one of the teachers found me and brought me home. Guess what, Alice was there. She saw the whole event… didn’t even speak up to help me. She just left me there on the ground out cold. I tried to phone her earlier, she wouldn’t pick up.
So Now I’m wondering… what exactly is the point in me being here anymore? Serena was my only real friend, so my social life has been wiped out basically. People at school hate me. But Why Me?

Day 5:
I decided I should write this now. If I put it off any longer I may have changed my mind, but it’s for the best.
I’m sorry mum. I know you mean well really, and this is very selfish of me to do this to you, but to the majority of people they won’t give a fuck.
Serena, I don’t know why you treated me like you did, I thought we were friends. You obviously didn’t think so.
So here I sit with the knife pressed against my wrist. This is the end.
Sorry for everything.
I love you.

By ~SeNzAfInE~

AsPiRiNg WrItEr, LuCiD DrEaMeR AnD FaErIe LoViNg FaNtAsIsT.