unending nothingness

the void of my heart whithers in despair

the unending sea of regret eats away at the insides

how can people live this way? it tears apart at my soul

the love that i feel, the love that is no more

circles of fear, painful stabs at my heart

watching you me as my life falls apart

a sweet kiss of your lips now tastes like poison

i’m not your type feel your words

but you’ll know. would you even care?

you’ve worn masks in this life so dear

many of them are the things i most fear

pretend your happy, your something your not

pretend that you like, do you need me to live?

i want you to want me, i need you to feel

the love i never had, only you can help me heal

the wounds run too deep, way too deep to mend

promise me someday you will call me friend?

By The Evil Cheezman

Purveyor of sacred truths and purloined letters; literary acrobat; spiritual godson of Edgar Allan Poe, P.T. Barnum, and Ed Wood; WAYNE MILLER is the head architect of EVIL CHEEZ PRODUCTIONS, serving up the finest in entertainment and edification for the stage, the page, and the twain screens, silver and computer. He is the axe-murderer who once met Andy Griffith.