unexpected person

A boy sat in class trying to understand what the teacher was saying when he felt something hit his head he turned around and saw a couple of boys laughing in the corner he then said out loud “stop it you guys” and the room grew silent and the teacher spoke “is there something you want to tell the class” and the boy said “no ma’m” the teacher then said “good then you want mind staying after school” and the teacher started teaching again and the boy thought “you’ll get what y’all disserve tomorrow”……..

The boy went home and ate dinner an then up to his room were he pryied up a loose floor board he then reached inside to pull out a 22 rifle with a scope he then said out loud”yes you all will get what y’all diserve”………

The next day at school the boy skipped first block and at 8:30 he pulled the fire alarm and climbed up to the roof and layed down an pointed the rifle and pointed it at bob the boy that had gave him a swirly earlier that week he clenched his eyes closed tight he pulled the trigger back and listen to the bullet fly out he then heard the screams he opened his eyes and there layed the boy on his back he then pointed it at brett, laura, mrs.cox and mr. thomason the principle he saw them all drop to the ground after them it was shooting season he then fired at any thing that moved just when the he ran out of bullets the cops came out and pulled out the microphone and told him to drop the gun the boy then roled on to his back and reached in to his pocket and pulled out one last bullet he then loaded it up in to his gun stuck it into his mouth and squezzed the trigger there was a slight pinch but between him falling and the bullets flying there seemed to be peace for once in his life.

By StAinEd PaNTs

believes that no religions are true and likes 2 hang out with friends an smoke blunts and likes 2 meet new people