The lightning struck again, closer this time, as Avery quietly counted the seconds in between under her breath. When she turned around, she could see the messed up bed and Chris as he tied up his boots. She tried her best not to start crying, at least in front of him.

“Avery, don’t you feel bad about this?” Chris was now beside, yet to look at him, you think he was miles away. “Do we have to talk about this??” She was trying to reflect on everything. She had got what she wanted, hadn’t she? So why did it feel like her heart was breaking once again, and all because of the same guy.
“Why do you do it then, if you feel guilty?” She asked him finally, assuming he felt guilty because of his girlfriend. They’d both been down this road before…
Over the 5 years they had known each other they had been everything. Friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, Lovers, soul mates, but now she didn’t know what they were. When they first started dating, Avery never thought it would end up like this. Chris adored her and made her feel like she was an angel. She became dependent on him, and felt that as long as she was with him everything would be okay. but over the next 2 years, Chris talked about marrying her and being together forever, and in away this scared her. He had been with other ppl. but he washer first everything, and she was only in grade 10. She had her whole life in front of her, didn’t she? When they finally broke up, everyone at school was happy. Avery knew this, and that made it even harder. The whole time they had been together, ppl. would tell her he deserved better then her, and how he cheated on her and after a while, she started to believe them. After they broke up, Chris would always tell her he still loved her, and she could never love him as much as he loved her, but they were still friends, and after a while he found a new girlfriend, but everytime he did, he ended up cheating on her with Avery, and eventually, neither of them dated, nor did they date eachother, but to them they were together. Then the new girlfriend came, and Chris grew distance and she was convinced he was gone for good. Avery hated her, and tried everything she could. She realized she loved Chris with all her life, and needed him, and eventually, Chris strayed and ended cheating on his new girl. This went on for a while, yet he was still dating her. Avery tried evrything, and finally the new girlfriend found out her beloved boyfriend had cheated on her. Yet, she forgave him and they kept dating, and Avery was out of the picture. Time went by, Chris and her kept running into each other, and tonight they had picked up where they had left of….
“I do it b/c it only feels right with you, and you’r the only one I enjoy it with” At this, she turned to him. She was about to make a nasty comment, but the look on his face stopped her. He had the sadest look she had ever seen in her life, and just looking at him made her wanna cry. Inside she was screaming she loved him, but on the outside all she could say was “Well, I don’t feel guilty. And don’t worry about me, I can handle myself.” Chris bent down to get his car keys, ” But I have to worry about you, if I don’t, who will?”
They got into his car, and prepared to drive to Avery’s house. In the car Avery kept her head to the window to avoid looking at him, and Chris was deadly quiet. Yet, they had barely been driving for 10 minutes when he reached out and held her hand……

By chastity

Music is really important to me and really influences my writing.