A skinny girl with long spider-like legs pale, as a spider’s trasnlucent web, sat in a dark corner. She had short red hair, pixi cut, dashed with silver glitter and raseberry gel.

“You, come here.” She whispered in a melodic voice. I blushed crimson as she grabbed my wrist. Looking up into my eyes her jungle green ones pierced my skin, and sent tingles down my spine as her nails grazed my cheek, stained with tears.

I noticed my torn skirt and the way it draped about my legs decayed, and how my tank top clung to my breasts, but loosly hung around my ribs. I breathed in and could feel the ache of hunger in my stomach, which I hadn’t felt in ages. Dark hair, hair that I couldn’t call my own, swong around my face with oily strings. I was ugly.

“I-I-I can’t!” Yanking furiously at my wrist with all my strength, I tried desperatly to escape. The girl didn’t even budge. With one tug, my entire body flew into her and I was stradling her bony waste. Tugging my wrist again, my face was centimeters away from hers. “Really..I-” Her hand wound around my neck and pushed my rose petal soft lips onto hers.

By ChildofDeath

A little gothic girl going to a boarding school.