Unknown Future

Have you ever looked at a baby, or even alittle kid? Have you wondered what they would be like when they grow up? I have.
As I sit here watching my baby nephew Brandon play with his toys, learn new things everyday, even every second of the day of his youth. He learns things to quickly. I wonder if he’ll learn to be happy. He laughs and smiles and all he cares about is..well..nothing. Children don’t have a care in the world. I evny kids. I wish I could go back to my youth, Im still young, but not as young as to not care about anything. The future is a scary thing. I wonder if he’ll be a smoker, an athlete, punk, goth, prep, jock, gay, he could be anything. I just hope he doesn’t turn out like me. I want him to be happy and popular and loved in the family. Theres a lot I dont want him to become too, but thats a long story.
As this perfect example of youth walks around on his new legs, looks at the world through confused big blue eyes. Theres no telling what the furture has in store for him, or any other child. I don’t think I’ll be around to watch him grow up because Im moving as soon as I can…but all I want for him, is to be happy and loved. Unlike me.

By WickedHeart

Theres really nothing to me....just pain