Unluminous Liturgy

These are some of most recent poems. I hope you enjoy them.

– Those Who See Shall Made Blind Be –

I walk in the darkness, the shadow of your light
Although I try to shine, I am not bright
And those who pass by see a flickering spark
Of a light that cannot ignite, so I remain in the dark

There exists a place of which I dream
Where others can see me and where I gleam
But in this world, there are none worthy so I decree
Those Who See Shall Made Blind Be

There is a shade of darkness in which I exist
Where I have been so long that within I must subsist
And those who pass by see that which they ignore
One who cannot be seen does not exist anymore

There exists a place for which I long
Where love awaits and within me she finds no wrong
But in this world, there is none I guarantee
Those Who See Shall Made Blind Be

An empty dawn that bears no hope
Downward into darkness I side on this slope
And those who pass by neither stop or stay
To see that my light is long dead and decay

There exists a place of which I pray
Her open arms embrace so that I may no longer dismay
But in this world, she will not see
Those Who See Shall Made Blind Be

– Darkness Is The Light In Which My Shadow Is Cast –

Hear me brothers and sisters for I have prayed
For rotten is my soul in this light I now fade
And inside my mind this darkness pervades
As I listen to the dark and sing its serenade

Amongst the choirs of the damned they speak
Of those caught in the dark and the visions they shriek
Sifting between shades, it’s darkness we seek
For we are the shadows across the light we streak

Dark is the place in which we all unite
Where the absence of life is our place without light
Where we are born in the light our projection is the contrast
Darkness Is The Light In Which My Shadow Is Cast

– SandWitch Winds Amongst The Red Dunes –

I do not remember how I first arrived
Was I dreaming again, or had I just died?
But I knew there was something amiss of this place
From the fearful expression I could not wipe from my face

In dreams I envisioned a great red desert
Where the sands moved and its voices subvert
Its rippled texture moved as dark waves
Sometimes revealing the drowned and dead graves

The sand moved as one its depth was unknown
And from all sides this hellish wind was blown
The longer one stayed the more lost they became
And the other presence one felt could not be explained

Across a red castle made of sand I stumbled
Perpetually sinking, it endured without crumble
And from this place a profound fear was growing
The red dune sand was alive and flowing

As quickly as it arrived the light was now dim
Once sanguine dunes were now darkened and grim
And the winds that confused began to guide me
Towards the castle, from this hellish sea

Once inside the fear took hold
I felt the gritty sand beneath me moving and cold
And surrounding the chamber was a sound unknown
Someone in the dark had begun to moan

A shrill echo pierced the sand filled air
All around me I felt, a SandWitch stare
The moving of sand all around me seemed
As if I was living something I dreamed

To the ground I fell slipping beneath waves
Hearing the pleas of those in their graves
By some act of luck I climbed to my feet
To look up and see my captor to meet

A dark shape arcane a thin fearful specter
Whose gaze upon me was a dark soul collector
A SandWitch wind sorcerer amongst the red dunes
Who had doomed thousands under her cruel moon

From the castle I fled in absolute fright
Across the dark dunes in the desolate midnight
Although I have escaped my life has been spared
To this very day I still remain there

– A Strange Ship Off Of The Coast –

It loomed on the horizon at first light
As soon as I saw it I felt the fright
From the billowing black sails
To the dreadful screams and wails
A strange ship off the coast was headed this way

At first it seemed deserted as it came into view
The closer it got the more we saw crew
From their menacing evil cries
Or the myth they burnt the skies
A strange ship off the coast was headed this way

The closer it sailed the more dreadful it was
A waterborne demon opening its jaws
From the black ancient wood
Or how its inanimate crew stood
A strange ship off the coast was headed this way

As it approached the skies got dark
And a massive inferno to the sky was spark
The anchor was cast
They lowered their mast
A strange ship off the coast was headed this way

To my eyes should appear hundreds of them
A savage nocturnal race to our fates had condemn
With the axes and swords
Onto our land they trod towards
A strange ship off the coast was headed this way

I cannot remember what they resembled
I know their arrival made the ground tremble
With horrific accuracy
They slaughtered mercilessly
A strange ship off the coast was headed this way

Flung from paradise into Hells torment
I sit a captive and suffer in lament
I am now a slave
This ship is my grave
A strange ship off the coast was headed this way

By Xaphlan

Male, 25, single. Avid writer / aspiring web designer. Listen to black and death metal, play guitar/bass - aspiring musician. Bored to death by mainstream popular culture, loathe the superficial. Living a dark existence, always have. Pagan.