I think it might be fun to watch you fall apart-
Pick up the pieces of your black, broken heart,
Turn off stars, let the moon fall from the sky,
Then steal your last breath without saying goodbye.

I bend you, I brake you, slithering deep I take you.

I promised I’d never care about a rag dolled child,
Not one with stitched lips, frozen eyes, who’s beaten wild.
So Perfect, so worthless, only meant as a toy,
Mine for the taking, to love and to destroy.

I had you, I made you, I never could have saved you.

Tonight I forgot and I held you like you were mine
Then gravity restored, we were no longer divine.
What heart splinters I could salvage I kept in palm,
But as midnight unraveled you were already gone.

I loved you, I left you, so why can’t I forget you?