Unsolved Feelings

Love…. what is it? I surely don’t know. But when I look at you there is something…. something like a sunset on a clear sandy beach that leaves a guy speechless. So beautiful and yet so frail. I don’t think anyone really understands the feeling love. Most people mix it up with lust. Ask the people that get that strange incredible feeling their stomach, ask the people that that start to sweat when your near them. Ask the people who keep licking their bottom lip making sure it’s moist. Ask the people who you talk to that always look for the right moment to look you in the eyes and tell you something. Ask the people that seem to go out of their way just to get you to notice them or just to say hi to you. Ask the people. Ask away. Your questions might be answered and they might not. But just ask. And maybe just maybe you will know more about what this is I’m feeling for you.

By Nick (Shadow of Screams)

i hate this fucking world. is this hell? im stuck here between love and lust. why am i here ? trapped in reality. lost in fantasy. blinded by the unseen truth. I'm fighting myself in a battle of trust. and there are too many voices in my head.