untaimed realities and betraid trusts

the teenage mind is an uncharted thing,
the secrets we share,
the people who betray our trusts,

We were out on a monday night, and a friend of mine has trusted her sister until that night.

sneeking out,
enjoying ourselves alittle too much,
not a worry in the world.

The next day we thaught we were good nothing was wrong, nothing at all.

Shattering memories,
forgeting how to trust,
having a breakdown,
people you trust sit there and lie.

Trust is what you do when you share secrets that are forever our own, i thaught we would be fine however trust is a dangerous thing, the pain will never end it will prevail as usual never forgotton only covered by new dreams and thaughts.

is this true or only another supernatural lie told by every one.

you will never be the same,
be untaimed, be wreckless, be completely untaimed.

believe in reality, you will get burned,
believe in trust, you will be betrayed….

By whisperz in the dark

well uhh.. im 17 and highly disturbed, thats what every one tells me any way .. well imm planning to post more stuff soon, look me up & give comments thanx. TASS