untitled – help me with the name

My anger is building my hatred is high, some ppl are soon going to die. My nightmares are back my darkside too, and there’s absolutely nothing that i can do. The pain and betrayal that i have felt, why was it these cards i was delt. My heart is racing my pulse is fast, i’m facing that fact that this is my last. The last of my days the last of my pain, my blood leave my body through a hole in my vein. I have no friends and i’ve lost my lover, i have nowhere to go where i can seek cover. I’ve lost the battle i’ve lost my fight, all i do now is lay awake at night. I lay awake because of my dreams, is it because i don’t know what they mean. I’ve met a few ppl i’d trust if i could, but i still don’t think that i’m capable or should.

By unforgiven soul

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