Unwanted Puppet

Why do you do this to me? I love you and I always will. But you cheated on me. You lied and cheated. Was what we shared nothing more than meaningless kisses? Touches with no feel? A black dove with broken wings? I guess to you I was just a pawn waiting to be played or some little ken doll that you can toy around with and do what you want. Well I’m not your little heartless puppet made of wood that you can just play with when ever you want and then toss in a corner when you done with. I’m human. How could….. How could you even be so cruel to play with ones emotions like that? How could I be such a fool? And why didn’t I see this coming. Let me go and untie me from these strings that hold me down. Untie me!!!!!!


By Nick (Shadow of Screams)

i hate this fucking world. is this hell? im stuck here between love and lust. why am i here ? trapped in reality. lost in fantasy. blinded by the unseen truth. I'm fighting myself in a battle of trust. and there are too many voices in my head.