Update: Darksites

Darksites has undergone the transition from old host to new host.

During this period of time if you had read the BBS, you can see many instances of people cussing me out and complaining. Such rudeness was undeserved. To those of you without mail for less than 24 hours (YES, LESS THAN 24 HOURS!) that acted like children, I say this:

Many thanks to the rest of you who were patient with me, and mature enough to understand that I would never intentionally cause unnecessary harm or inconvenience to anyone. During a large scale move of this nature, it is often impossible to predict unforeseen obstacles. There are many ISPs around this world whose DNS does not resolve as quickly as others, which causes a delay in when its own customers will notice that darksites has moved. My own ISP, was one of the slow ones. Just now, was I able to see darksites on this new host. Again, your support for me during this time was greatly appreciated and I thank you. It is you who make it worthwhile for me to continue this project.

— Sire!

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By Sire

I'm nude, want to see?


  1. Well at least we have the site back now, so lets forgive and forget.

  2. Hey Sire, kudos to you for creating a killer site, as well as maintaining your sanity throughout this whole ordeal. To say your hard work on all this is appreciated by us (well, most of us, anyway!:) would be an understatement. So, stay cool, and thanks again for everything you’ve done!

  3. Sire, I thought the move was rather quick actually. And I’m glad to have the site on a new server. Since even after deleting all my old cookies, I was not able to access any changes on my work pc until this morning. And at one point, it seemed that I must have hit a loop hole in the transfer cuz I was able to upload images to my site and then 15 minutes later I couldn’t access Darksites at all. Hey, I got my links page uploaded. So what if the stuff didn’t show up right away. It will sooner or later! Like today!
    Thanks for creating such a great place and giving others a chance to contribute as well.


  4. You go, Sire!
    Fuck “forgive and forget”!
    I want HEADS!
    okay….so some head….
    a little head?



  5. Of course I wouldn’t say anything like that to ya Sire, after all, ya publish all my articles don’t ya? 🙂 Plus, you’ve got a really cool site going. ^.^ Love ya, Princess Selphie

  6. I looked over the bbs postings while the site was down.
    It made me sad to see that there are some people who just do
    not seem to have adequate appreciation for the hard work and
    dedication that has been put into Darksites. Perhaps if they
    were PAYING for the privileges they have been FREELY given here, then
    I could perhaps understand some of their ire.

    Well, it was angst-ridden, after all, and I have this loathesome
    afinity for angst that I’ve had since I was thirteen or fourteen (many fucking moons ago, lemme tell ya).
    If the ire hadn’t been directed at someone I consider worthy only of
    praise, thanks and respect for the time, effort and creativity they’ve given freely
    to the scene, I might have found it amusing.

  7. Dearest Sire,
    I am appalled to think that there are those of us on Darksites who would stoop so low as to belittle you regarding this change. I for one am a greatful subscriber and wish to thank you personally for your care and concern in these matters. Keep up the good work!!!
    Yours in darkness,

  8. You’re most welcome, Sire, but I should be the one thanking you for providing this service in the first place. After all, where else can I get my site hosted for free without having a hundred banners and pop-up windows showing up with every page that loads? Thank you.

  9. All I got to say is, with out this here, where else would we be? Fuck all the other impatient basturds. At least your still up and running! Thanks alot Sire!
    Stay dark

  10. I’d like to say that the ones who cussed you out were all a bunch of immature teenagers, but that’s insulting to teenagers – and it’s probably also not completely true.

    What dweebs, eh?

  11. Wow. That is so messed up that some immature jackass (or a million) said that kind of stuff to you. Any way you can ban them? You could always say you did it due to verbal abuse….
    Darkest Blessings to an awesome boi,

  12. I don’t understood you, my english isn’t very good…sorry …
    I’m happy, very happy, and I think than you´re a wonderful guy…


  13. Have you notice how most of them were anonimous postings…
    Bunch of chickens…
    Sure bloodsucking vampire chickens, but chickens nonetheless…

  14. I am glad that darksites is back up again. But just one thing why do most of you suck up? I am sure you were just as mad as the others were, and if you say no then you are lying. I know I was mad and I am sorry, I will be more patient.

  15. I wouldn’t say I suck up. I was stinking mad at Sire when he fired me as co-editor, and I let him know it. On the other hand, we DID have completely different ideas about where we wanted to take the site – he wanted to concentrate on the internet forum and weblinks, I wanted to concentrate on literary style and quality articles and let the chat and links handle themselves. I like what he’s done with the site.

    and frankly, until you have actually tried to manage one of these honking huge sites, DO NOT DARE to slam the owner for not giving you instant gratification. You have no idea what goes into managing something big like Darksites. None. It’s a huge effort.

  16. Actually… how about until you PAY for this site… Suck up? Give me a break.

    None of you, NONE, pay for this site. The costs to run it come directly out of Sire’s pockets. Until YOU pay, don’t bitch. You don’t have much of a right to bitch to begin with.

  17. I can see the site must cost alot. I know that I could never afford to pay for one like this, but I am glad that it is back up. Maybe now most people will learn to appreciate the things given to them rather than just look at email and nothing else. I love the site, and I love all the contents on it. Suck up? I do not think so.

  18. I came back often to check to see if there were new articles up yet, otherwise I have nothing to copmplain…

    Until I found this site I was alone in the darkness…


  19. you know, by the time i realized darksites had been down, it was back up and running again…so i was very confused by the bbs postings…but i am glad that you are done with no real problems. glad to see all is together again…i still love this site. thanks, sire, for giving me a place to express myself for free…i truly appreciate it.

    triana, happy with the way the site is run

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