You stare into my eyes
Leading me deeper into your unending depths
As our fibers combine into that intricately patterned cloth
We alone create the folds
Of evelasting youth
Immortality’s kiss upon the supple silken cheek
As his firm hand slides
Slowly across the round breast
We dedicate our lives to the heart of our own demise
You and me alike
I hear nothing and see nothing
i know you are there, I see you
And yet I am not able to see
You are my inspiration
You are the one I look to for my thoughts and eyes to see
Only you
A figure bundled inside this warmth
Engulfed by the sheets of our love
The sheets stained with our blood
Mingling together in this dance macabre
Should we spend a requiem in rememberance of our dead innocence?
Each of us killing the other’s virtue
We both appreciate our won ignorance
Hold me in your arms
Keep me inside the memories of Us
My screaming echoes throughout the realm of ears reach
And yet this chanting insie my heart continues
All I can think
It screeches the obscenities of your mind
Our unholy connection of loveing bliss
As you clutche me
Please hold me from moving away from your grip
Because your grasp protects me
Your loathing embrace shields me from myself
And the slight whisper of your breath in my ears
I know that the voices screams grow slowly more real
When I awake from my trance
All I know is your body heat
All I can since, the taste of your sanguine kiss in my mouth
And I can feel your arms and legs
Covered in the carnal remnants of us
Mine the same
As my yeys see yours again
I cannot bring myself to stutter out the only words you want to hear
There is nothing that cat vocalize this
The only words worthing of you
You are suicide
A succulent suicide I succumb to
you and me
Our fibers forever entwinced
Into that grand cloth of mortality
Our thoughts and minds wonder into each other
We are no longer two separate people
We are joined forever
As Us

By masked darkness

i live...i am anti government, anti EVERYTHING everyone stands for...i get online...i go to school...i dream of mass murder and serial killings...wat can i say...i live life through my past ...the end