valentine fantasy

ever wanted to play that game with your lover..the i-pretend-we-dont-know-each-other game and then have that though while you go in bed? Baby, this one is for you..

You snatched my attention
from across a people wasteland
called “party”
and found you gazing intensely,
unbashed at me.
Slowly, and deeply I plunged
into your eyes of temptation,
felt unhinged by your flirtation,
and labored to create some distraction.

This attraction’s very nature
demands censure;
I mustn’t lose composure.
Honestly, Im at the edge of my seat,
at the end of my wits;
Its a struggle not to fling myself at you.

Already,I imagine us
heavy with intimacy,
can almost feel your arms tight around me
Your body warm as we touch bas,
fingering my heaving breast
underneath the shirt of passions repressed;
deciphering the mystery between my thighs
like a blind man’s Braile,
stroking my vulnerability.

You make me feel
all woman
all over.