Valentines Day dance

It was his Valentines ay dance, both of them were excited for months. After talking every summer day, breaking up was a hell. They wanted to be together but it coulden’t happen. Aubrey and Colisto both knew what was going ot happen on the night of the dance.

Calisto went to Aubreys house, before hte dance. that night his parents drove them there. Aubreys favorite singer came on he asked Colisto to dance, they grinded closer and harder as the seconds passed.He picked up her right leg and wrapped it around himself as they began to dry humo in a wavelike manner. he soon grabbed her from the back of her thighs and picked her up carried her to an open classroom.
Aubrey laid Colisto down on the desk, and laid between her legs. They kissed long and hard as he slid his hands up her shirt, under her bra, and began massaging her breasts softly. Colisto smiled at him in knowledge that she was enjoying this. Somewhere then his shirt was wripped off exposing his strong chest and arms. Her shirt now on hte floor, she was waiting there in her pants fo him to undo them. He got onto his knees and undid her pants as he slowly took them off. then her thong.
Colisto leaned up into him pressing up aginst him with her lustful body taking off his pants and boxers. both now, naked she rubbed her pussy up aginst his balls as he joins in making her wet. Aubrey pushes her back as he goes down and licks her pussy. He laughs as his tongue moves in and out. then he sudden;y stopped. She begs for more by whimpering nad arching her body aginst his. he answered her by laying on top of her and pushing his penis in, 1st only the head to tease her. then he pulled out. She moaned once again, he answered again this time with the correct answer he thrust his entire penis into her as she let out a gasping breath. he squeezed her ass as she giggled. He moans as he feels her pussy convulsing around his penis. In the amazing rythem. Aubrey leaned over and sucked her neck then began to bite it violently. She picked her legs up onto his shoulders. He began to enter her body deeper, harder, and faster. he lost all rythem , harder and harder she licked his chest to keep from screaming with pleasure. Wth one hard hump she orgasmed, the rougher movement of her pussy made him come an moan in her ear. They lay the him still in her. Aubrey says ” i love you” and she knows it’s true. They don’t want the night to ever end.