Vampire Biology vs. Internal Autopsy.

A Vampire is any individual who has become infected with the blood, or bodily fluid of one whom already is.

The ‘disease’ affects all tissues, including the stomach, heart, lungs, and all muscle groups, enabling the eyes too adjust to light more quickly, and allowing the individual ‘better’ sight and strength. The tissue is transformed after an extended period of time. The disease enables the hosts body to adapt to the blood of others such as a donor or victim. Depending on them for his/her survival. Hence this means that the stomach of a Vampire also changes. The transforming tissues of the stomach prevent the body from breaking down ‘food’ properly, disabling the individual from gaining the proper nutrient substances. The conforming stomach will then cause heavy vomiting, and soon a *pallid color, and possibly eventual death. *pallid: Which when viewed on the silver screen, in very exaggerated terms, is a distorted being referred to properly as an/a Nosforatu. The Vampires color, state of mind, and ability relies souly on how often he/she feeds, how badly and how far the disease has progressed.

The blood that is ‘ingested’ is pumped through the stomach, to the heart, then lungs, enabling the host to gain healthy color and strength. Through this metamorphosis, his lungs have changed greatly as well. The blood is circulated more fully, through the lounges, rather than through the heart, to sustain the body properly between feeds, keeping the host blood alive longer. The lungs pump the blood with an ‘over haul’ of oxygen to allow the Vampire greater strength, sight and so on. As forgotten to be mentioned earlier, any Vampire can be killed
or become sick, by getting himself into a predicament of poor judgment, or by feeding on those who are very ill. A Vampires age is relevant. It takes a host with a very mild case, twice as long to have died from a natural cause.

However the disease often takes too tight of a grip, killing its host. So the idea of immortality is exaggerated as well.

When autopsied, the Vampires brain appears to be riddled with cancer, and a disease that is so closely related to the disease primarily carried in animals, wolves, dogs, raccoons, and bats, it could amost be called…..Rabies.

The infection comes from drinking the blood, or bodily fluid of an individual who is infected. For the most part, just being bitten, or being bitten in consecutive instances, will not infect an individual. (as like on that silver screen)
Crosses, or evil have nothing to do with this being. As for cover of night, this is also not necessary. However the acts performed by willing individuals and there Vampyric counter parts have chosen this time to perform
behind closed doors. (It has been widely accepted that this act can be extremely erotic when performed between individuals or in groups.) It is believed that those who carry a minor case of the disease, manage to handle it with a bit of care. They may be able to handle small portions of food at a time, but are more sexually explicate, and often enjoy the company of someone who enjoys the Vampires habits.

But I personally respect the Disease, and strongly suggested against getting involved with any one whom may carry it. The disease affects every one differently, so you never know when you may develop that bad case. There have been documented cases of where death has not only become a probability, but a certainty.

In conclusion, this author prefers to say that yes, Vampires do exist. But finding that true Vampire may prove near impossible, because those who are, are not liable to flaunt it. And those who are, are unable to explain there habits, or are too sick to be recognised for what they are and soon will be, a once were. So be weary, and pratice safely.

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By The Evil Cheezman

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