(vampire)Deadly Apologies III

“Rykas… ugh, Rykas wake up already” Organto snarled. He threw himself on the couch giving up on her. Organto mumbled softly to himself, “I suppose I’ll just have to wait untill she wakes up.” Organto figured that she wouldn’t be up for a while, so he went out to his hideout. Meanwhile, Rykas was dreaming when all of sudden, something to realistic to happen in a dream occured.

“Rykas, wake up, so you and Organto can come to see me. RYKAS! NOW!” Rykas sat straight up. She knew that Averick was sending messages telepathically to her. “Organto! Come on, hurry up! We have to go and see Averick now.” Rykas moaned. “Oh so now we are rushing me? I’ve been waiting three hours and forty-five minutes for you to wake up. I gave up on you after I kept calling your name for six minutes.” mentioned Organto. “We don’t have time for this nonsense, let’s just go see Averick, I’ve been waiting nine years! Rykas hissed.
“Alright, Alright… calm down Rykas, we’ll go… but we are going to walk.” said Organto. “Fine, sure. Can we just please go?” Rykas asked. “It’s going to be a while, do you want me to update you on Organto, I’m going to anyway, so I don’t expect…” Organto started to say. “So you don’t expect an answer… I know. Let me just remind myself of what I last saw of Averick.” stated Rykas. “Be my guest” was all Organto could say. Rykas went on stating “Ahh… his silky, shiny, medium lengnth hair. It was as black as the night sky, ooh, and his eyes matched his hair, they were also black, except when they shined, it was more of a sparkle, so it looked like the stars that were paired with the sky. His smile, it could shine brighter then the afternoon sun, that is when he did smile cheerfully. Then there was his smirk, his pouty lips filled with malice. Not to mention his mystifying personality, you could never tell what he was up too, he always blocked mind readers from his mind, but then he always read mine, figuring out my struggle on trying to get through to what he was thinking.” Rykas snickered and Organto continued on, “Now that you mention it, he hasn’t changed much, except, his love for you has grown stronger. Ah hah! We arrived at Averick’s Hideout. After you young lady” “You make me seem so much younger then you, I am the same age.” Rykas laughed out. “Now if I said after you lady, you would have said I made you seem to old. Next time, I’ll forget my manners” Organto joked back.