(vampire)Deadly Apologies IV

Averick’s and Rykas’s eyes met. Rykas was speechless, she stood there with her mouth dropped, she didn’t even realize it was open. “Is that a good speechless, or a bad one?” questioned Averick. Rykas ran up and hugged Averick as tight as possible. Organto answered “I am almost certain that is a good speechless.” “I would’ve never guessed. It’s a good thing I’m immortal, or I’d probably would have passed out by now.” Averick gasped straining for breath.

Organto smiled radiantly. Rykas let go immediately “I’m sorry! I was just so happy..” “As am I” Averick mentioned, continuing with something for Organto, “It’s a pleasure to see you again Organto, I’ve missed you more then I planned too.” Averick’s malice filled smirk appeared on his pale toned admirable face.” “I suppose you jumped ahead and read my mind, so I don’t have to reply this time. Ha-ha-ha, same old Averick.” Organto walked up, and Averick and him shared a hug and pat on the back. “I’m going to give you two time, I am going to the woods, I’ll be back soon.” said Organto. “Alright, don’t stay out too late, I am still trying to gain control of Gishu’s property.” Averick mentioned. “No worries.” Organto commented.
Averick looked at Rykas, “Ahh.. what a beauty you have turned into. I thank you very sincerely for making the decision you did. If you were a… uh, one of us, and I was a human, then I would have done the same for you.” Rykas shyly smiled and said “I love you Averick” Averick thankfully sighed and said “I was hoping to hear that, and Rykas, I love you too.”
Their conversation continued on during the hours, they talked about how they’ve been doing, and such. Rykas mentioned that she obviously wasn’t going to school anymore. When she said that, Averick jumped in, “Why don’t you go to, Traws school of Unique Arts? There is one for Vampires, another one for Witches, another one for Warlocks, and another one for Ghouls. As you can tell you would attend Traws school of Unique Arts, vampire edition. If you attend, you will learn different skills on attack, mind reading, telepathy, defense, teleportation, moving objects more easily, and almost anything else you can possibly imagine.” “Really? Where is it, when can I start? Is it around here?” Rykas immediately was interested. “Tommorow we will go sign you up, you can start next semester, Organto and I, ocassionally go in and help out, give hints or advice. Now we will be there a lot more often. We have too much leisure time anyway, maybe while we enroll you in the school, we can apply for positions.” Averick thought.
Organto walked in, a breeze of air whirled in through the door. “I had to come back sooner then I expected, I didn’t think it would get dark so early, and it seems like a storm is about to arrive, and since I’m not familiar with this area, I didn’t want to take any risks.” Organto stated. “It’s alright, we had to go out and get you soon anyway.” Averick said. “I took a long walk, and I walked all the way to your hideout, I think I’m going to head to my room in your hideout.” Organto said very tiredly. Rykas said “I’m tired too, It’s been a long exciting day. Organto, tommorow we have to talk to you about some ideas we thought of, by the way, thanks for everything you did for me so far. Thank you for letting me stay in your hideout Averick, it’s greatly appreciated.” Organto and Averick both said “You’re quite welcome.” Then they all went to their rooms, and went to bed for the night.

V –
Organto walked out of his room, and sat on the couch, sighing deeply. Averick heard him and walked out. “What seems to be the problem?” Averick questioned worridly. He waited for a while, when he didn’t get an answer, he felt like yelling out Organto, but he didn’t want to wake Rykas up. Averick went over in front of Organto, put his hand on his shoulder and said “Organto, tell me what is wrong. When you came in last night, you went to bed in quite a hurry.” When Averick tried to read his brothers mind, all he could make out was Rykas.
Unaware of what he was saying aloud, Averick shouted “It’s Rykas, you feel something for her don’t you?” Rykas awoke, and walked to the door to hear what they were saying. Organto looked sharply at Averick, “No, no… never, impossible.” “I can see the look in your eyes, it’s the same look as when I think about her.” said Averick.
“Well, I can’t have her, it doesn’t make a difference. I’ve grown to admire her since I’ve been with her. She is an amazing per.. uh, vampire.” Organto quietly said.
Rykas was still at the door. “Damn. I better go out there now.” Rykas opened the door, and sat inbetween Organto and Averick. “You two couldn’t sleep either?”
Averick sadly said, “Ugh.. you heard didn’t you?” Rykas, “Hear what? I heard owls hooting, and crickets chirping, and then I woke up and came out here. What are you talking about Averick?” “Nevermind.” Averick stated blankly.”
Rykas looked at Organto, she smiled, nugded him on the arm, and asked “What’s wrong? You don’t seem at all happy.” “I have to go” Organto stated, and left to his room.
“Great, now what did I do?” Rykas dissapointedly asked, but not wanting a response. Rykas had Averick face her, then she went and kissed him, got up and left to her room.