Vampires and people

what is a vampire? is it one of those immortal, superstrong, bloodsucking fiends that the story tellers are always writing about? is it someone who takes energy from the people and environment around them? is it someone that murders people and drinks their blood? is it someone who asks for willing people to give them blood to drink? is it just your average person walking along the street that likes to lick the blood off their cuts?
the answer is simple:all of the above, they all exisist in one form or another whether you notice or not. there are people that commit murder and drink their victims’ blood, there are people that use energy flow and that take said energy from the people around them, there are people that ask for a doner to drink blood from, and i have yet to meet someone who doesn’t lick their cuts. even the immortal fiend vampires exsist, now don’t immediatly put me down as someone in need of mental help, just use you common sense; the immortal steriotype exsists in books and films and peoples imaginations, else how could we think about them.
this is the way i look at it and i would be delighted if people would enlighten me as to their opinions on the subject and if they thought of themselves as vampires why they do and how they ‘feed’ as it were.

By Twisted_Thoughts

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