Vampire’s Kiss

Darkness wispers in my ear,
You are my darkness, my love, my fear.
I feel your warm breath rolling down my neck,
Such sweet control you have over me.

You run your fingers through my silky hair.
Your icy blue eyes so cold & peircing,
Your touch so warm & gentle.
Make me yours for all eternity.

The rolls of thunder I hear outside,
The flashes of lightning I see in your eyes.
Take me now my love,
I am helpless within your power.

As the passion ignites,
This flame grows higher.
My body weakens,
As you are within me.

You wisper to me that I’m the one,
As I feel your smooth lips brush my cheek.
My heart beats feircly,
Your energy running wild within my veins.

I cry out in pain,
As you sink your bite into my neck.
I am one of you now,
My blood dripping from your lips.

Together as one for all eternity,
Immortality bliss.
Your love is but that, of
A vampire’s kiss.