I have been writing down some of the things people have said to me over thelast month, and turned it into a poem/story. It was longer, but I shortened itso it could be better understood.

Your so entranced with the life around you that you don’t even see the lifethat is happening right in front of you.

Yes you are a monster, but none the less a beautiful one.

I wish I never knew the monster, but I’m glad I got to meet the person.

What are you trying to gain by speaking to these people who you will nevermeet?

People are not there for our amusement. They are not to be manipulated , theyare just like us.

You are no longer my friend or my brother.

You act like you know everything.

I love you.

In every plan I have included you, the apartment, the house, five years fromnow I want you to still be there.

We are all just pawns in your chess game Jacob, I wish you would just falloff the face of the world so I would not have to worry about where your uglyhead will pop up next.

I will respect you, you will respect me, this is over.

Sometimes things get broken and they can’t be fixed.

I talk about the things I care about, that is why I brought you into theconversation.

Your sitting right in front of me, but your not even here.

I’m losing you and I don’t know what to do.

In the end it will be ok, if its not ok,

then its not the end.