Very Worried

I know I shouldn’t be like this, but at the same time I can’t help being like this. Something has changed to cause me to be this way, just because of the way I have lived this life so far and come to this way. And so I worry about the friend I can no longer contact.

It is the not knowing that worries me the most, the waiting to find out. There just is no way and I have to wait as patiently as possible. When will it end, I do not know, there is no one I could ask, no one who could give me an answer, no one who could help me at this time.

By Voltarrens

A Graphic, Fine and Multimedia Artist currently studying at Victoria University in Computer Mediated Art. This also includes written works, poetry as well as an ongoing on line Novel of fantasy fiction available through my website. As well as all this, I also compose music with computer software and post it on the net at various sites. Science Fiction, fantasy and horror have been long time interests of mine over the many years, a lot of my artistic work reflects this...