Virgin to Drugs, No More

I was only thirteen. It all happened so fast. I don’t know what happened first or what happened last. I was sitting on the couch with Jon and then suddenly I opened my eyes and I was on the patio in my bathing suit, soaked to the bone. I sit up and rub my eyes. Nobody else is out here by the pool. They must all be inside. I stand up and stumble in the door, leaving wet footprints on the pavement. I lean against the sliding glass door as I open it, for now I am becoming dizzy and having trouble standing. I collapse and crawl into the living room. Everybody’s still where they were in my last memory. Jon’s sitting on the couch, Ben’s skateboarding on the coffee table, and six or seven other people are randomly placed about the room. I somehow find my footing and stand up. “What happened?” I try to ask, but only small moans escape my mouth. Ben stops skateboarding and looks at me. “Dude, you got pretty fucked up,” he says. I’m confused. My brain seems to be playing ring-around-the-rosie, as it’s running in circles and falling down over and over again. What had I done? I find my way to the couch and fall onto it, resting my head in Jon’s lap. His shorts become wet from my hair and he grabbed my hand. “You shoulda seen yourself!” he said to me. “I never knew you could do that!” I gave him a confused look and he realized that I had no clue what he was talking about. “You were so stoned,” he smiled. Between the few people who had been there all night, they told me of my adventures. I suppose I gave numerous lap dances, ran into random objects, and said some pretty outrageous things before finally deciding that I needed to go swimming. So I put on my swimsuit ((I guess right in front of everybody)) and dove into the pool. I hung out alone in the pool doing God knows what for about a half an hour before I got out of the pool and collapsed on the patio. All the drugs seemed to attack me at once. One minute I was sitting there, snuggling with Jon and the next minute six new people were in the living room lighting up their joints and passing it around. Supposedly I felt I needed some, and I took a puff. And then another one. And then another. And then two more. And then four more. And before I knew it, I had numerous joints to my name. That was the beginning of a very long obsession with drugs. I found comfort and the answers to my problems in them. Drugs were my haven, my paradise, my escape. And it was all because of the six new strangers that I discovered how to get away.

By Audrienna

I write, I sing, I dance, I act. That is my life. Often I feel very alone and much of that comes out in my writing. You'll probably notice that. Sometimes I feel like I have nobody, not even myself. That's when I write the best. So most of my stuff will probably be depressing and melodramatic. But deal with's just how I am.