Visitor in the Moonlight

Moonlight crested over the tree tops. Dark and unfamiliar it seemed to Victoria. For she had lived all her life in this very town, with these same people. She always walked this late at night, 2am on clear nights.

But tonight was different, as was the week before. It was then she first felt that she was not alone, that out in the darkness something was there just watching her. As she walked on toward her house the feeling grew, a dark sense of foreboding.

Inside her house she turned on the lights and locked all the doors, and sat trying to shake the feeling, the darkness. She turned on the TV trying to focus on something else, but nothing worked. So she made her way upstairs to bed.

As she opened the door to her room something hit her from behind pushing her forward and onto the bed, pinning her there. At first she panicked but then remembered the gun in the nightstand just a foot away.

Before she could act and low purring voice whispered into her ear that no gun could help her. Like liquid silk in her head the voice erased any thought of a gun. She looked back over her shoulder trying to see who had her, but the shadows wrapped the figure like a cloak, shrouding her vision.

“I’ll let you up the voice said, but you must behave.” Again the power of the voice filled her mind and erased her fear. She nodded yes and felt the creature on top of her rise up to stand at the foot of her bed.

Victoria turned slowly till she was sitting up and flicked on the lamp beside her bed. Light raced across the room to illuminate the figure standing there. She saw it was a tall man, well built, and radiating power. “What do you want,” she asked.

“No my dear it’s what you want.” Her mind raced with thoughts both terrible and wonderful. “My dear you summoned me, brought me over many miles with your silent cry.” She was taken back his statement. How could he know what she felt, that she was screaming inside. That her life was slowly suffocating her.

“Yes Victoria, I hear you screaming even now, but I have come to take your pain and give you a new life, one that you could never imagine.” His voice filled her head with visions of the long nights ahead.

She stood and walked toward him. She felt hot, the need for another’s touch. As she reached out to him, to touch his face, his hand caught hers in a cold vise. She did not pull back, but pulled her body tight against his. He released her hand, and moved his head tight into her neck.

Small kisses, caressing every inch of her exposed neck, teeth grazing, drawing the smallest amount of blood. Victoria swooned, wanting more of his touch, of his kiss. She forced her neck against his mouth.

The blood was more than he could take. He clamped his mouth onto her neck, teeth sinking deep. The blood exploded into his mouth spilling down his throat, hot and sweet. But he pulled back, and lifted Victoria up and onto her bed. Rapt in visions she offered no protest.

Lying in her bed she pulled him on top of her, wanting him inside her. She tears at his shirt, ripping it off. Her lips pressed against his chest. She pushes him over and climbs on top of him, pulling at his belt till it’s loose.

Victoria felt the wetness between her legs, how she ached for him. She reached down, grasping him, feeling him hardened and wanting her too. He kissed her hard, pulling more blood from her.

She finally tore off his pants, his passion for her evident. She positioned her self on him just ask his hips thrusted toward her. He felt her body on top of him and her blood inside, feeding the fire in his loins. A fire that had not been lit for hundreds of years.

Victoria thundered up and down on him. Feeling the moment nearing she pulled off him and crawled onto her hands and knees. He wasted no time in entering her, for a sensation also built in him. Unusual as it was for him it reminded him of his own last hours as a human.

Victoria pushed against him as hard as she could. Then the moment was upon them both. They both shook with delight and layed back. He looked into Victoria’s soul now, as they were as near as they two could ever be again.

“Victoria, you know what I offer to you, an escape from what you are.” His words forced open her soul, forced her to see the choice for what it is. “You have this one chance,” His voice ringing in her ears, “What will it be?”

Time stood still for them as the word rang from her mouth…………”Yes”

By intheguiseofman

The beast in the guise of a man I bide my time in slient supression.