vodka and other truths….

i would’ve fucking killed for you,
i swear to god i almost did,
you would of been far better off,
without me, and without him,
i swear i would’ve killed for you,
i know thats not what you want,
i’m sorry i made you deal with me,
maybe maybe, this was what you really want,
i swear to god it all makes sense,
now that i’m drunk enough to think,
you always pushed me towards the end,
on heavenly venom you made me drink,
i swear to god, whyd you bring me here?
i swear to god, it’s gone to far,
finnally fuck, its so fucking clear,
this shot is going down hard,
shots of liquer, followed by shot gun bursts,
i wave good bye to her, and i prepare for the worse,
i put the razers in the barrels,
this isn’t how it was meant to be done,
molten metal, and christmass carols,
on second thought, this should be fun,
it’s so easy, it’s to easy,
simple twitch of a trigger finger,
its fucking easy, to god damn easy,
maybe my memory will momentarily linger,
in every mind i won’t be forgot…..

this is it, this is all i got…..

fuck it, i blame vodka.

By jackdaw

without those that are happy, i can not be sad, happiness only comes from the pain of the shadow from the candle's light.