Waiting in line…


Lying to myself i say
“i’ll try yo live, just one more day”
as the rain falls in sheets outside
the blade and the pale skin of my wrist collide

trying not to cry
i pull the blade away
i look down at scratches barely deep enough to bleed
and i think to myself…

this should be easy for me
to guide the knife across my wrist,
send myself to eternal bliss
but i can’t do it

it’s just not fair
i want to bleed
i want to see it flow from me
and with it my problems and regrets will leave
memories of you would fade
and i would finally be happy, thanks to a blade
but like life death is cruel and you must wait your turn

By makeshiftwings

i love writing poetry and i only wish to be as good as the people on this site one day! i am 13 years old. i love my boyfriend, ryan, he means the world to me. if you have any suggestions on anything i write or comments or just want to talk to me e-mail or im me anytime. "if you have nothing you are willing to die for, you have nothing to live for" "love is like blood,when it runs out it leaves a stain" "life is just a dream on your way to death"