Wake up and smell the Anthrax.

This is a (non – existant) diary entry.

21st June 2003

The postman stepped boldly from his van, walked up the unusally icy drive. The post was unusally small, just the one envolope.

I was strangly satisfied buy the fact the envelope was hand written, which meant it wasn’t from a bank, or a big corporation.

Just I was about to open it, when I realised the door was still open, after waving and greeting the postman. I quickly shut it and began opening the envolope. There was nothing in the envolope but a small box, like that of a ring. I cautiously
opened the box and I immediately realised what it was, Anthrax

The small white specs immediately rushed up my nose, filling my entire world full of panic. I rang 911, tried to sneeze, tried to make myself puke-up. But, here I am, now, in hospital, dying, wanting to die, my entire body disfigured by the disease. My face scarred by my fear, my family allready dead, I will die alone.


  1. Even though i am concerned with all that has happened and what is haooening, i find this story pointless,unrealistic and again pointless .

    However Others might like it so, i dunno keep writing.

  2. I’m afriad I also agree that the story is pointless. It’s just a recent issue that is well within reality put down into a couple of paragraphs. Never mind eh


  3. I didn’t know that a ring box could fit into an envelope and stil manage to have a normal appearance. I didn’t know that Anthrax even came in little ring boxes. I didn’t know that the white powder immidiately went up your nose. And I didn’t know that inhaled Anthrax killed you if you respond to it quickly.

  4. Sorry, I didn’t know it was that crap. I didn’t realise my idea for the story, I had the Idea, andd immediately wrote down what immediately wrote what first came to my head, If i ever pluck up the courage again to write again, I’ll make sure it’s gooD!!

  5. Hey man, just want to tell you not to get influenced by all the crap people say, as a writer u shouldn’t be influenced by what people say! if u think it is good, that’s all what matters dude! keep writing!
    p.s: it was kind of pointless though, although nicley written….

  6. you are pathetic! your story was extremely inaccurate and seems to be a copy of an anti-anthrax warning. if this had actually been used to spread the word about how to avoid anthrax, it could have had a point, but as it is so inaccurate, there is not one. your family already dead? how did that one work out?

  7. Hey man that was good but… it was interlay inaccurate. I liked it but next time just make shur you have the facts straight.


  8. OMG! You are such a ***** pathetic loser that needs to get a life! Anthrax isnt something to ***** mess around with… my moms best friend was one of the people that died from it! You truely deserve to be the person in this gay ass story thats dying the slow painful death, b/c if you can stoop down this low to come up with this bullshit you need to be dead. Well that is all I have to say to you sick perv.

  9. I was one of the guys that said it was pointless, but critics only give you room to exceed points you failed. Your writings good, only that did kinda suck, but hey people say I’m shit too while others fully understand me… Looking forward to your next one, should be improvement now 🙂

  10. i must say some people here r taking this a little 2 far….but i agree with them it was pointless…and i think we have all heard enough of this anthrax shit…i have had 2 anthrax spottings in our school..1 high school 1 middle school..and im sick and tired of hearin bout it!! if u r gonna write, write bout something that we havent heard all over the news or in schools

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