wake up!

Got up today with no feeling
The night before has left me reeling
I have no realisation of my senses
My body feels like i’ve been rapped in barbed wire fencing

Getting out of bed seems wired
No feeling in my feet only in my head
As I get up I feel my knees crack
Just as I feel a sharp pain in my back

As I start to walk I get a feeling I’m not alone
Turning my head I see some shards of bone
What happened I can’t seem to remember?
Trying to think back I feel my mind dismember

On my bed I see some dried blood
Is it mine or another person’s?
Then as I start to freak out
My emotional state worsens

Looking down I see my right hand
I’m missing two fingers and I’m bleeding
The realisation spins me round
The sight is hard to take hold of

As I start to think
I slip into a deep uncontrolled sleep
No need for me to worry, or start to count sheep
I’m in heaven and start to rethink

As the thought goes round my head
Did I sleep in the right bed?
I feel an ice cold breath
Could have I been staring at death

By peoples

five foot four of unrepented hatred i hate self indulgence and middle class england